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Backlight Priming Filter


Maggie K.
Beautiful and glowing!

I am not a primer person... In general, I just work on keeping my skin in good condition and skip the primer step altogether. I received this product in my Lucky Bag a few days ago and have used it every day since, and I'm extremely impressed. I would never have picked it out for myself, but I think it has really made a difference.

I have super sensitive skin, and most primers/foundations break me out - this one has given me zero reactions. That's huge for me.

It isn't a "pore perfecting" silicone-heavy primer, but it does blur and soften the texture of the skin. It provides a very natural - but noticeable - glow, as well. I have been massaging this in before using a bit of Laura Mercier's secret camouflage and it provides a really excellent base for that product to stick to. I like to dust translucent powder over top of everything to make sure the concealer-covered parts of the skin blend with the bare skin, and this primer somehow still provides a "lit from within" look under powder.

I recommend this for people who want a little extra glow, something that subtly improves the look of textured skin, and for those who have sensitive skin.

PS - I own the Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance that I've heard people liken this product to. I find them very different. The Becca Backlit is a primer that gives glow but sets a good canvas for makeup to be applied on top of. The Burberry Fresh Glow is something I really only use for liquid highlighting on tops of cheekbones / high points of face.

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Trisha W.
Nice radiant glow!

This works best for me when I mix it with a foundation. As a primer I don't think it extends the wear time of my foundation in fact it breaks down much faster. When I mix it with a foundation the finish is a beautiful glow that isn't oily or greasy looking. I do feel like you can see a difference on your skin when you apply it. It does transform dull skin into skin that looks fresh and radiant. I've been using this daily mixed in with my Becca ever Matte foundation and the combo is gorgeous! However, I use a different primer underneath.

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Sharon K.
The new Youth Serum!

This product gives my skin a radiant glow. Use under foundation or alone on no-makeup days.

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Kristen C.
Not totally loving it!

I love the radiancy that it gives the skin, however, it does not keep your foundation in place. Maybe theres a certain foundation it seems to work better under that I haven't tried!

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Calli B.

The product itself is good... but it doesn't keep your foundation in place. Which bothers me.

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Teri A.
Thank you mother may I have another?

Lightweight and softly luminous sums this up. I am always on the lookout for a primer that layers effortlessly on top of three other products and it's not always easy to achieve. The BECCA Backlight Priming Filter held its own beautifully. The glow is on the candlelight side (neutral) and it is not over the top. There have been days where I stopped here and decided to forgo foundation due to loving the finish so much. I haven't had any issues with the product not following through on foundation longevity. Mine has lasted until I took it off in the evening. I started out with a sample and purchased the full size.

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Jessica H.
Foundation was "missing something" without this

Such a beautiful finish with this primer. I combined it with a sample I had of the Josie Maran Vibrancy foundation and the effect was mind blowing, luminous, hydrated, gorgeous glow.

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Abigail E.
Holy Grail

This was the first primer I ever really tried. Since then, I've branched out and tried MANY others, but I just keep coming back to this one. Thank God it's on Beautylish so I can buy it in payments with other goodies because it's a staple in my collection.

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Larissa L.
Beautifull glow

This primer gives a beautifull subtle glow on the skin. I have tried many different primers in the past. This one quickly became my favorite.

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Amelia J.
Glad to add this to my becca collection :)

I just got this in my lucky bag and was hoping that I'd get it! I watched a ton of unboxing videos and saw that many (but not all) boxes. Lately I've really been loving Becca- the brand has taught me not to be afraid of luminous, glowing skin! I got the chanpagne glow pallette to start, and recently purchased their liquid highlight in pearl, because I honestly had no idea what that product was about but knew it was on elf the brand's original products. I started using that as a luminous base before primer, but I think using it every day was making me break out. This primer is a lighter consistency than the liquid skin perfector, but gives the same glowing base. I live the frosted glass bottle as well as the fact that the pump dispenses the perfect amount, which is great! It made my foundation go on so smoothly, and throughout the day my skin has just been looking fresh and dewy. Thanks, beautylish for adding this to my collection!

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