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I quite like mine!

Maybe Inglot recently changed the formulation for these? Because my experience was much different than the previous two ladies who reviewed this wax. Anyway, this wax is perfect for me. The consistency is more gel-like than wax-like, but it quickly dries and keeps my browhairs in check! It's a little better than the wax that comes with the e. l. f. kit in that it is more viscous and doesn't clump or flake. Anyway, it will definitely become a staple.

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569 happened to be the perfect color for me, the pan is huge (about the size of an iPod Shuffle), and it's pigmented enough for multitasking as an eyeshadow. Lovely product.

These were a little disappointing, but it's probably just the colors I chose. I bought 17 and 7, which I thought would be counterparts for my staples Wet N Wild Think Pink and NYX Honey. They were both VERY light; lighter than the swatches let on. Maybe if they were swatched on lips like the Armour Beauty glosses I could've judged better? Anyway, I'm positive that both of these, especially 17, would look incredible on a darker lady, but they made me look like an alien. That's fine, but I meant my palette to be an everyday/travel palette heeheehee

The reason for the "average" rating is the quality. They applied patchy, and moved around a lot when I pressed my lips together. I don't trust these to stay on my lips long. Again, this might be because I chose such strange colors and I still might purchase more Inglot lipsticks in the future. But honestly, for $6 a pop I was expecting better.

Most amazing yellow possible

First off, this color is so gorgeous I swoon every I time I see it in the pan. A bright, pure, full-saturation matte yellow with contrasting yellow sparkles. Next, it applies better than I've seen any yellow shadow apply before, and it easily lasts (no fading!) the whole day over whatever primer. I've been on the hunt for the perfect yellow shadow and without a doubt, Inglot has nailed it.

Also! If you've never seen an Inglot shadow in person, I just have to stress how HUGE they are! I was so surprised when I got my palette. Each pan is about the size of an iPod Shuffle hahaha! Amazing quality, and you get a lot of product. So far, worth the splurge. :]

So fantastic!

I have Blue Had Me At Hello and Comfort Zone, and both are amazing. These shadows are so buttery soft and nicely pigmented I almost feel bad I paid so little for them! I wore the left side of Blue Had Me At Hello for Valentine's Day, and I wore the left side of Comfort Zone almost every day this week. For those days when morning time is limited and you want someone else to figure out the color combinations for you, these are excellent. They would also be lovely to travel with.

To get a true sense of the palettes, I've only worn the shadows in the recommended places as illustrated on the back. The left side of Comfort Zone could be a little more harmonious (my gripe being the lid and crease color aren't totally compatible) but the right side is so incredibly gorgeous. It doesn't wear as green-looking on the eye, and the bottom right pan adds such awesome dimension to the look. Blue Had Me At Hello is perfect on each side; such dramatic and awesome looks. I will purchase Petal Pusher the next chance I get so I can enjoy them all. Wet N Wild does it again. <3

Too red, but otherwise perfect

This is a very nice product. I always powder first with the Real Techniques brow brush (which is fantastic) and get a smooth gradient before using the gel to groom any stray hairs. According the the package directions, this is backwards haha but it looks so beautiful! If my Target sold any other colors, I would have bought this in light or ash rather than medium. I find medium is too red to match very well with my hair.

Setting sprays are a rare product for drugstore brands to carry, so I got very excited when I saw this at Target! For $3 it wasn't a huge risk, and I've found it works very well. It works as a top layer to my "sandwich" of products. With my various primers on, a strategic application of colors, and then this spray, my makeup does not budge the entire day. The only real improvement could have been a finer atomizer. And to think I was about to purchase UD's All Nighter Setting Spray! I just saved quite a few bucks and have fallen even more in love with e. l. f. for it.

Quite nice for $1~

This little stick does the trick. :] The concealer needs to be more pigmented and more yellow in my opinion. Then it would do a much better job of actually concealing undereye darkness. As it is though, I'll admit it looks very natural and stays put all day. It also works for concealing redness and acne on the face. Sheer coverage, but tones down the redness enough without looking cakey. I also like the highlighter. I actually wish it were more pigmented and shimmery like a pan included in their holiday 2012 set. Not completely highlighter-y, it more just makes your face look dewy in only the spots where applied.

My palette is by "FASH" but it's obviously the same exact product as this BH Cosmetics palette. A really fun palette to have, I mainly ordered it because I wanted a range of bright matte shadows. Interestingly enough, the matte brights were the nicest quality in the palette! The texture is very smooth and the color payoff is alright.The lowest quality were the shimmery neutrals, which I feel is so counter intuitive compared with every other palette I've used. Those shadows are hard and not very pigmented. There is a huge range of colors and looks to be made with this palette. I find myself using it less than expected for everyday looks, but it can't be beat for those occasions I want to be very colorful. With the right primer, the longevity of these shadows is decent, but still won't last morning until night on my slippery lids.

It's kind of funny, this was an ultimate impulse buy when I saw it for only $2 on sale at Rite Aid. I don't even have a problem with my lashes, but I was so curious to see if something so cheap could really work. So I've been using it about three weeks now, and just this morning I noticed that there really is a change! I'm disappointed I forgot to take before photos because the transformation really is incredible. I'd guess my lashes are maybe 2-3 millimeters longer. The description says I have to wait four weeks to see results haha so we'll see how insanely long they get! Love you WnW!

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