Beauty Product Reviews

love at first sightt

I just got the Bamboo eyeshadow a few days ago, and I am loving it! It has a beautiful color, and it stays on and doesn't crease! It looks like I'm not really wearing any shadow but I really am and it looks so natural and pretty(:


I love these so much, I have the Hot 'n' Saucy one and its the prettiest sheer red! Its too bad that they are limited edition): I love the strawberry kiwi smell and the moisture it provides!


my favorite lip balm! i tried many and this came down to my favorite. a few years ago, i used to use this all the time, and then i stopped and started using eos, chapstick, burts bees, and other brands of lip balm. a few days ago i tried it, and fell in love all over again<3


my faveeee. ive been wanting this scent for a very long time. and i finally got the 1.7 oz size with a matching lotion set for Christmas(: its amazing, so fresh and fruity! it stays on for a very long time, especially if it got into your hair. yup, its amazing.


amazingggg.! i love this! it is the best lip balm ever! makes my lips super soft and hydrated! its not waxy, or thick, like other lip balms. the packaging is so cute, it makes me happy whenever i look at it(:


this is one of my favoritres! it smells so fruity and delicious! it lasts a pretty long time! its pretty strong, so all youll need is one sprits and you are goood(:

my fave cleansser(:

this is my fave of all time! i tried a lot, but this is the best! its a bit drying but that okay, it does the job(: my skin is less red and has less breakouts! after i use this prodcut, my face looks and feels squeky clean!


i use this every moring and i love it! it makes my skin super soft and supple! it instantly refreshes my skin too! since i have drier skin in the winter, this is perfect to spray on a couple or spitzes after ive done my makeup! **if you wear foundation.... (i dont) it can set it


this is my favorite mascara of all! i tried different kinds, but always went back to this! i even tried lancome, but it wasnt as good as this! the price is amazing, and when im running out i could just go to my nearest drugstore, dont have to go to the mall to get it!


this is my favorite nail poloish by far! has soooo many colors to choose from! doesnt chip at all, and dries really fast! i wish i could have all OPI nail polishes! i just love them soo much(:

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