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Vitamin E Face Mist

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Emily W.

i use this every moring and i love it! it makes my skin super soft and supple! it instantly refreshes my skin too! since i have drier skin in the winter, this is perfect to spray on a couple or spitzes after ive done my makeup! **if you wear foundation.... (i dont) it can set it

Nathalie F.

A great product to have as part of any skin care regiment. The vitamin E spritz is very nourishing and refreshing to the skin. Whether you keep it cool (yes in the fridge) and spritz your face to refresh after exposing yourself to sun .. or wearing it as a setting spray after your make up application this will make your skin feel lovely. Plus the rose water scent isn't too shabby.

Doreen L.
Desert rose

Light, refreshing, and smells good! I usually use this as a pick-me-up as it refrshes my skin. I first got this when I was on holiday and loved it ever since!