Beauty Product Reviews

Won this on Beautylish give away & I am now in love!

This perfume is arousing to the nose! I love it & what matters most is my husband loves it. It is floral & musty but in a dark sexy kind of way ;) Definitely my new favorite Perfume! --PS, Thanks Beautylish ;)

Best hydrating lipstick

You know how most lipsticks are cakey? & you'd usually prefer chapstick because it looks rough if your lips are chapped...WELL this is def a great 2 in 1. It hydrates my lips and gives it a smooth lipstick cover that lasts. I am in love with this stuff and want to buy the rest of the colors! I am very finicky of lip wear so that says alot coming from me.

Used this in Iraq

Being a military female i have to take extra care of my hair since we have to have it up all the time. When i deployed to iraq i was in need of something VERY hydrating that would keep my hair on point and this helped out SO much. My hair stayed hydrated even in the horrible conditions we were in & it actually grew alot in the months i was gone. && since most wont be deploying you can imagine what this conditioner will do for normal day to day hydration!

EVeryone thinks its perfume its so good!

These little bottles of love are amazing! I work with mostly males & they are always like you smell like blueberries, peach.....(ect.) whatever im wearing && its not my perfume they are smelling its JUST my hand sanitizer! I love them they all smell amazing and the smell lingers for a good long while. I have one of these on my keychain at ALL times & have extras all over my car, house, work. Its THAT serious haha.

That amazing salon smell...

Other then the awesome smell this hair product hydrates! I have dry hair comparatively and this helps me out a lot. Make sure to switch your hair products out ever few months and clarify though, because too much of any product will dull your hair. This is one of my favorite shampoo/conditioners though!

Dont like lipstick? THIS is for you then!

I am not down with lipstick, it just isnt my thing...but, I also want some color in my life at times. This is my all time fav GO TO. It hydrates my lips, and gives it a sexy subtle look without being dry/flakey. It is by far my all time fav lip color! Its SUPER smooth and hydrating, i use the honey one it is a sexy color on fair skin w/o being too dark.

Have crowfeet like me? LOOK HERE

I am only 22 & I have crowfeet/under eye lines. I hate it! But that is what I get for not using sunblock while growing up on the river. Anyway...this stuff INSTANTLY hydrates my eye area all day. Goes on smooth and doesnt feel oily. I wont say that it removes my lines, but it definitely reduces the chance of them getting worse or getting more! I recommend this product 110% no doubt

Better then most

I have had a hard time finding and exfoliant that did not make me break out or dry out my skin. This product can be used daily without making me dry out, which says a lot because I have pretty dry skin most of the time. The tiny little beads which more so feels like tiny grains of sugar DEF take away any flakey skin I may have without rubbing my face raw lol.

Best Toner I own

This witch hazel type toner is the best I have ever used, because it does not dry out your skin like other harsh toners. It exfoliates your skin as well as strip off the excess oil that your cleanser may have left behind. I would use no other toner, plus this is a decent price too!

Top 5 fav moisturizer

This stuff is awesome. I say that because if you are not down with looking shiny (which is a pet peeve of mine) then this is a great moisturizer for you. It instantly hydrates your skin & stays on most of the day. I switch this one up with my other moisturizers because my skin tends to need more moisture in other instances, when it is super dry I use other products.

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