Bath & Body Works

Anti-Bacterial PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel


Kashmin S.
Bath and Body Works

I love these little hand sanitizers !! They smell good and moisturizers my hands. I love how they have different themes and such good smell !! I can't say anything bad about these little bottles I can only say good things :) these little hand sanitizers are worth the money !!

Aubrey C.
These are lovely!

I love these little things. I have so many it's ridiculous, and it's possible I may need to call up Hoarders.

Anyways, I have yet to find one that I do not like the scent of. Most are really strongly scented, and the scent will last on your hands all day. I personally like that, but I know some won't.

As far as cleaning/disinfecting I have no idea if it works or not. Does anybody? Doubt it. But my hands do FEEL cleaner after using this.

Overall, you'd just be silly to miss out on these guys. Can't beat it for a buck.

Kelsey R.

These little guys are great. They smell good, the packaging is adorable, and normally the hand gel is a pretty color. You can find almost any scent, and you're sure to find one you love! Much more enjoyable than the standard hand sanitizer that has that strong rubbing alcohol smell. Overall, I think these are amazing!

Renuka A.

These are heavenly. I have been using Vanilla Sorbet for quite some time now and every time I use it, I have people asking me what the amazing smell is. It is quite strong, both in it's anti-bacterial action and fragrance. I love it!

Rachel H.
Amazing smell

Not only does these sanitizers make your hands feel clean and germ free, the scent is amazing! I own the sweet pea sanitizer and I absolutely LOVE the smell and how clean it makes my hands feel. If you ever want good sanitizers, Bath and Body Works has the best.

Danielle M.
Okay, Seriously, Who wouldn't love them?

My hand are always superrrrr soft when I'm done using them! They feel and are super clean! My favorite scent has to be either the Mint, or just classic Sweet Pea! Over all, this is a great product and I STRONGLY recommend them!

Melissa H.
LOVE these!

I love these so much! I carry one with me where ever I go because let's face it, some places are disgusting! They are a nice little pick me up and make my hands feel super soft!

Brooke G.

I have never smelled one i dont like and $5 for 5 is such a great deal, they are easy to carry around fit in your purse, gym bag, makeup bag etc... and are great to give as gifts

Michie M.

I bring these with me everywhere. Schools are disgusting, and I need my hand sanitizer. I feel so much cleaner and they smell amazing. AHHH! I love them soooooo much.

Kayci B.

I love these bath and body works mini hand sanitizers. They are perfect to keep in your purse or even your car, which I do all the time. I usually get differnet scents just to change it up. One of my favorites would be the cucumber!!