Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment

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Khadija A.
Best lip balm ever

I received my trial size tubes of Sugar lipbalm from Sephora on my b-day and this has been my fave lip balm ever since. It smells s good and it makes my lips super soft.

beauty cartel I.
Great product!

This product is awesome! Not only does it have a hint of tint, it's got SPF, it goes on smooth, and it leaves your lips tasting so sweet! Check out my review on!

beauty cartel I.
Beauty Tip of the Week + Passion Lip Treatment by Fresh

Someone once said that ‘A life without passion is no life at all…’ And I seriously think they were referring to Passion Lip Treatment by Fresh. Doing so much more than locking in moisture to your pout, Passion Lip Treatment is simply the best!

It’s got a hint of tint…

We love our lips to be colorful, vibrant, full and luscious and to pack quite a pout! This lip treatment does just that.

It’s got your covered…

Sure, you have to keep your lips moisturized and colorful, but you’ve also got to protect them against harmful UV rays. No girl should leave home without a moisturizer with SPF on her face, nor should she leave without wearing a lip treatment without a basic SPF 15 in it. Fresh has got you covered on this one!

Whomever’s kissing you is lucky…

The Sugar line by Fresh is made of, well, sugar! It’s sweet and tasty, and unlike other brands out there with SPF in them, it leaves a sweet taste on your lips and on whomever’s kissing them!

Beauty Tip of the Week: To get the best results out of Fresh’s Passion Lip Treatment, or any lip moisturizer (tint, gloss, lipstick–what have you), you’ll want to exfoliate those pretty lips prior to application. Exfoliating your lips does wonders! Not only does it remove roughness and dead skin cells, aside from the smoothness, it creates an invigorating, fresh, and alive feeling for your lips! The end result: your lips are primed for any moisturizing application, color applies smoothly and evenly, and your tint lasts longer too!

To exfoliate your lips…

Simply create a brown-sugar scrub by mixing a few drops of warm water with about a teaspoon of brown sugar until you’ve got a sweet and sticky paste. Apply a few dabs of this homemade scrub onto your lips, gently rub onto your lips to exfoliate, and then rinse away! Your lips will thank you— and you’ll have longer make out sessions!

Stay tuned for next week’s beauty tip on!

xoxo, beauty cartel

Ning C.
Beautiful sheer lip tint

Just when I thought the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments couldn't get any better (I loved Rose and Plum), they came out with Passion. I must say that this is my hands down favorite shade in the range. It's a bright berry red color that's very flattering and long-lasting. I thought the red would be too intense, but it blends very nicely with my natural lip color.