Nikket R.

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About Me

I'm 24 years young. College student/Business Admin-Marketing Major (minor in Public Health!!). HUGE love affair for all things make-up. And clothing. And shoes. And purses. But mainly make-up(and Coach purses!). I have a desire to have a room completely devoted to my clothes/purse and make-up collection - a beauty room. I don't know how I fell into the world of make-up as my mom and my aunts nor my close girlfriends don't like make-up as much as I do. I cut my hair off 4 years ago July and went back to natural which has been one heck of a journey that's still occurring. When it comes to make-up and hair, anything goes.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Coarse
Birthday: March 09
Age: 34


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