Bamboo Blush Brush

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Leah A.
Love this brush, love Eco tools!

This brush is absolutely perfect for applying blush, bronzer, and face powder. The bristles are very dense, so this brush offers very precise application (and the bristles are extremely soft). This is an absolute staple brush for me. I had been searching for a perfect all around face/powder brush for a very long time (tried more than few different brands) and was soo glad that I found this! I bought this at Target in I think it was a 5 piece brush set and this is the best brush in the set, hands down. I've been thinking of even picking up a few more of these just so I don't have to wash it as often because I like to use it for powder, blush, and bronzer. I have washed this brush a few times now and it is still just as soft and the bristles are completely intact as when I first bought it. I am also very very happy that Eco tools make cruelty-free products using natural and recycled materials. I just cannot say enough good things about this company. I wouldn't buy brushes from anyone else.

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Bella P.
Love Eco Tools!!!

I absolutely agree with Leah... This soft brush is perfect for face powder and blend blush. When I use it I find myself overbrushing my face because it feel so good LOL. It applies the perfect amount of powder on my face. My skin is very sensitive and it doesn´t react to this bristles. Highly recomend it.

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Carressa S.

This brush can be used for powder or blush. It's very dense and very soft. I've washed this brush countless of times and it's still soft and hasn't shed one hair. Great buy if you are like me and hate spending a ton of money on brushes.

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Romee H.
Affordable & great quality!!

I'm not willing to spend tons of money on brushes, Ecotools brushes are the best in drugstore, super affordable and great quality! Love the bamboo handle, brush is so soft and it's earth-friendly too! When I wash the brush, hair doesn't come off. Love it~

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Rebekkah C.
love it but...
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This blush brush is great quality. It doesn't shed and the bristles are super soft it feels expensive if you know what I mean lol. On the other hand, I feel like the bristles are too dense to be a blush brush. Dense bristles tends to pick up a lot of color and you'll end up putting to much blush on your face. I suggest to use a very light hand when you apply and blend.

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Rebakah G.
Perfect blush brush

Use this daily and love it! No shedding, has a perfect shape, and applies blush evenly. Bought mine from the best prices on ecotools that I could find. Use code JTJ060 to get $10/$40 or $5 off anything less. Had my brushes within 3 days cross country!

Chrissy S.

My favorite blush brush ever! Perfect size, perfect shape, and the texture of this brush is so heavenly! It works really well with all powder blushes, and can even blend cream blushes! Tip: Apply the cream blush to your cheeks with your fingers, then use the blush brush to blend it out!

Abby S.

I absolutely love this brush! I use it every day and I've had it for about two months. the bristles are super soft and gentle on my skin. Something I've been doing is sticking in front of the a/c when I am hot, so when I apply the powder/bronzer/blush, it feels cold on my face. This is an extremely nice brush, especially getting it for only seven dollars. I would definetly recommend this to a friend.

Hannah D.

I've had this for about two years now and I love it! The hairs are super soft and animal hair free. The bristles dont have a synthetic like feeling, they feel great on my skin and it does'nt irritate my acne. Thats the greatest part. I use it for blush and sometimes powder, very rarely thouh.

Shinay W.

honestly i love this brush, i use it to blend in liquid foundation (weird i know) and blush its perfect for both, so soft and i've had it for about a year and its still in perfect problems with the handle or anything breaking off so its amazing to me!