Retractable Kabuki Brush

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Alice L.
In love

This was my first kabuki brush and I honestly love it, I love it how it like travel size which is great as I'm always traveling, love how the brush feels on my skin

Melissa M.
Love <3

The perfect Kabuki. It's extremely soft and doesn't shed (unlike cheap ones I've had in the past). I use mine for applying powder or blending, and it works so well. It's also retractable, so it's great to use at home or travel with!

Mary Anne M.
No-Fuss Travel Brush

I usually apply makeup with my fingers but that proved difficult with mineral powder foundations, so when I went out to look for a brush to apply it, I settled for this one, largely because I was constantly taking my makeup with me on the go and did it elsewhere out of home (hence no brushes, just finger application).

The packaging is functionally designed and very simple, though I can't help but feel the aluminum casing can feel a little cheap sometimes. My brush gets tossed around in my bag often so it does have two dents on the edges, but otherwise it does take a good beating and still retracts! The brush can also feel relatively bulky in comparison to traditional foundation brushes with slimmer handles, so the size, although small and easy to take with you whereever you go, can be a little troublesome when storing it away in a small makeup bag along with other makeup, in fact this was pretty big relative to the size of the other makeup packaging I kept in the same bag.

The brush is easy to wash; I washed it on a weekly basis when I used it. I did have my doubts about washing it though because of the aluminum casing but I didn't see any signs of rust or corrosion, so as far as I can tell, it's safe to run this brush under water for cleaning. Wash it with cold water, because when I washed this under hot water like the idiot I was, it seemed to melt the adhesive holding the brush inside of the aluminum case and the brush and ferrule fell out of the casing. It's easy to slide that back in though, and it doesn't really affect the retracting of the brush or the application of makeup.

This is an excellent brush for travel because it can be stored retracted, keeping the bristles clean from dirt and other particles and keeping the them from fraying.

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Ashley U.

i love this one!! its perfect for my face powder that i carry with me since i dont like to use the sponges. its nice and dense but soft its perfect!

Jessica V.
Tossed out my other blush brushes when I got this

I love this handy little kabuki brush! I've been known to drop too much cash on cosmetics, so it's so nice to have purchased this little guy for under $10 and have such a good payoff. I use it for all my blushes and bronzers.

Nikket R.
Love it!

I bought this brush to use with my Sephora Matte Foundation (Powder) and loved it. My first foray into kabuki brushes was with BareMinerals but the brush that came with that SHED LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS! So I was a bit skeptical when I bought this but no shedding which thrills me! I also love the fact that it's retractable so that I can toss it in my makeup bag and/or purse and carry it along with me and not have to worry that any powder still left in the bristles will color my bags. I also like how soft the bristles are. Compared to BM (which practically scratched my face) EcoTools will always win hands down

Lisiana J.
Best drugstore kabuki brush!

This is absolutely great if you want a brush in your makeup bag. You can close it so it doesn't get a bunch of germs on it that can cause clogged pores. It is very soft and compared to higher end kabukis!

Soma S.
Better than many high-end kabukis, but aluminum housing is a little flimsy...

Aside from that, this is a great tool to have and carry around with you - unless you like to participate in extreme activities with your kabuki in your pocket... haha.

The fibers are a little floppy, but they do the job. A very dense head of bristles, and very soft. They take a while to dry, but for something so wonderful at such a value, that is a small set back.

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Lani J.
Always in my makeup bag!

i love this retractable kabuki! i love how ecotools uses recycled material to make their brushes. this is an essential in my makeup bag. the quality that you get for the price is unbeatable. it's great for applying face powder and blush. also, if you retract the brush all the way up, it is great for applying a wash of color all over your eyes. also great for contouring and highlighting on the go. i highly recommend this =)

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Kikikulala L.

so soft, does not shed. highly recommend