Beauty Product Reviews


I follow Maybelline on Twitter & had heard about this but wasn't certain about until I picked up Grape Vine at Wal-Mart. First off the price?! $2?? Yeah totally fell in love with that. Then the design is super cute. I've read other reviews where ppl weren't impressed with quirky fun design element they chose but I think it works for the product. Now the product? Is amazing. I like the sheer bit of color it leaves on my lips and I like the fact that it lasts on my lips. I drink water frequently and coffee/tea not to mention I have habit of bitting my lips occasionally and this lasted through all that. I went to New York for New Year's and it was super cold, super windy and overall not really healthy weather for skin/lips and this was the main product I used while I was there and I didn't have chapped or dry lips my entire time there. I would totally recommend this to any & everyone! I have it also in Pink Punch and the nude color one but the name escapes me. I really want to get the red one (Cherry?) but it's always sold out at Target & Wal-Mart.

It's cute & feels nice on my lips

I have this in the yellow sphere. I picked it up mainly cause I am a lip balm/stick/gloss freak. I collect those items like no one's business and it was just sitting there. All lonely. On my way to check out at Wal-Mart. Then I tried it. And I absolutely like it. It wasn't expensive and it feels nice on my lips. I'm not loyal to it however but I do like it very much. Plus it's so darn cute! It's a nice addition to my makeup bag

Love it!

I bought this brush to use with my Sephora Matte Foundation (Powder) and loved it. My first foray into kabuki brushes was with BareMinerals but the brush that came with that SHED LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS! So I was a bit skeptical when I bought this but no shedding which thrills me! I also love the fact that it's retractable so that I can toss it in my makeup bag and/or purse and carry it along with me and not have to worry that any powder still left in the bristles will color my bags. I also like how soft the bristles are. Compared to BM (which practically scratched my face) EcoTools will always win hands down

Signature Scent behind Givenchy's Very Irresistible

This is my go-to every day scent nowadays for the times I don't want to wear my more expensive perfumes. I always get complimented when I wear this. I love this scent and will continue to purchase it. :-)

Love it!

I'm really blessed with decently long lashes so I never needed a mascara that made them extra long but it's a nice look. I used this mascara and loved it but then I got distracted by other mascaras and forgot how much I loved it until I used it again today. Totally rocks out my lashes, doesn't clump or flake on me and just makes my eyes stand out behind my glasses. <3 it!