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I can't imagine my life without this...

I don't know how I can sum it up in a few words without repeating "awesome, amazing, incredible" throughout the entire thing. It works SUPERBLY on any eye shape to curl your lashes. It doesn't require a whole lot of pressure to get your perfect curl. All of my friends are shocked that they've had such good results with this curler compared to their little Revlon ones. If you're willing to make an investment for your appearance, pick the Shu.

My mom is awesome.

My mom ordered this for me for Christmas a few years back. Of course, it was on eBay so it was marked up a lot. Whatever. I just got to shake my head at her and tell her how silly she was for spending $80 on this palette. Now, onto the palette. I've been fascinated with skylines since I was young so the popup definitely appeals to me. The colors have a nice assortment, you have some neutrals, some for a smokey look, and a number for a pop of color. <3 it. Some of the shades have some fallout.

Nostalgia Sake says need it...

I had to pick both of these palettes up for the nostalgic sake of them. I thought these would be perfect for me... considering this one has some nice neutral shades. I was super underwhelmed when I started playing with the looks. It wasn't anything spectacular... Bummer. At least I'm not going to look back at it on eBay and wish I bought it.

My first real blush

I picked this up on one of my trips to WEM before we had a sephora in our mall. I was obsessed with leopard so the box drew me in. The SA tried it on me and I was blown away, I didn't think that something corally would work so well on my complexion. I still reach for this when I want a shimmery pop of color. Totally recommend it!

My first bronzer...

When I was about 15 my sister-in-law was nagging me about not wearing bronzer. I went on a trek to Sephora in West Ed Mall and I wandered over to this bronzer. It appealed to my younger self because, hello, it's pink and it's leopard. It was the perfect shade for how fair I was back then. It didn't make me look muddy or orange. It's definitely good at giving you a healthy glow. I couldn't find this in my local Sephora so I gave Chocolate Soleil a shot. But before I told mom it was back in the store, she ordered it for Christmas for me. This was recently. So I have a brand new one from my mommy who remembered how in love with it I was... may have to keep it unused for sentimental purposes.

... What?

I surprisingly really liked the effect of this dry shampoo. It didn't give me too much of a skunk look before shaking out the powder. It could get me through to my second day. Only thing is, the smell.... has not been good to me. I don't know what it is about it, but it wasn't my favorite thing to smell. It can also be a bit overpowering.

Did not like

Nope, this is another product that works for many other people but didn't work for me. The powder was pretty visible in my dark hair even after trying to wash it out. It had a strange smell that choked me, and was just not a good experience. I couldn't even try to use it up; at least I bought it on sale so it wasn't a waste of the full price.

Another holy grail drug store shampoo

When in doubt, there's usually a bottle of this in my shower as well. It's reasonably priced, large bottle for $6 some times. It wasn't really anything to die for but it did the job; smelled fresh and really light, smoothing, and has a nice lather. If you're pinching your pennies (nothing wrong with that) check your flyers and see if you can get a bottle of this... :)

Yes, please

Out of the holiday set I picked up at a local salon, this little baby was all that ended up working out for me. Sigh. I'm not going to repurchase this right away because I still have about a quarter of the tube left and am still in the market to try out some more masks before completely committing. :) However, this one is the best I've tried thus far. I use about a quarter-sized dallop in the bottom half of my hair.

It was nice...

I bought the set with this, the shampoo to match, and a small tube of the K-Pak treatment. I used this conditioner for a while but it really wasn't anything fancy. It wasn't too thick or too thin, it didn't smell phenomenal, and it didn't make my hair absolutely soft and shiny. I did use it up but I wouldn't go spend the $20 on it.

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