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Not my fave,

I absolutely adore the original fantasy but this one... doesn't make me as happy. It has a strong scent of grape kool-aid.... Not a fan. I think it was a bad shot at something sultry for a 12-year-old.


I've tried this a few times now and it's definitely great! I use it on dry hair and let it sit for about twenty minutes. That gives me enough time to do all of my regular showering activities minus the hair bits. I don't mind the smell that people were complaining about, but I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. My hair is definitely super soft after use and it's helped with the hair falling out.

Liquid summer

This is one of those perfumes that can be too sweet. Its really fruity but it reeminds me of summer. I adore it- strawberries are my favorite fruit. It is a bit hard to find now.

A bit disappointing

The color was a little too frosty and the consistency is a bit too moisturizing. I still am lusting over Lingerie Pink though. :X Not something I feel like I need to hoard.

Silly me, why did I try this?

This smells delicious. The packaging is super luxe and fancy. They're a nice, low maintenance lip color. They're moisturizing.... now WHY did I try this? It's a beautiful pop of hot pink color. Too bad it's super expensive. :( Because I want them allll.

First impression review

I picked this product up from SDM when they first got them in. The packaging is cute, the cursive font gives it a nice touch. There seems to be a decent color selection so I decided to opt for this peachy pink color. I like it so far but the color seems to be a little brighter than anticipiated. No doubt I'll pick up a pinker one, will update when I give another shade a try. ;)

Need them all...

Hi, my name is Nicki. I'm a hoarder. That being said, I have these in: Cupcake, Cremecicle, Tutti Frutti, Gumdrop, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Candy Apple, Creme Brule, Raspberry Pie, Lollipop, Red Velvet and Sweet Tart. Yeah, only 12. I picked one up (Strawberry Shortcake) after the hype started. I fell in love. It's a great consistency, it's really moisturizing. They don't last forever, but it doesn't claim to be long wearing. There's a wide range of shades so it'll work for everyone. Just try it. If they're on sale, they can be close to $5. Totally affordable.

If you want volume, you should probably use the glue on ones..

I bought this after hearing rave reviews. I've tried it with an assortment of different mascaras but the end result is basically always the same- super long spider lashes. I have long lashes naturally so this just adds length that I don't need. I love my falsies for adding extra volume and this just can't beat that effect. If you have short lashes, give it a go. If you wear glasses and have long lashes as is... skip it.

Not superb

I have a couple of these polishes and while they're nice they haven't blown me away quite yet. They can be a little streaky and clumpy but the wide brush makes it easy to distrbute the polish evenly. I also find it's never opaque enough, so I end up using (at least) three coats. I'm not going to stop buying these polishes but they aren't worth the $11 full price.

An updated review:

Now that I've given this a fair chance, it's definitely won me over. It's cute, it's a convenient shape, and it's definitely worth the couple of dollars you'll spend on it. If it's on sale, pick it up. I prefer the minty (mint colored) one. :)

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