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Pretty natural bronze! i have one in Daydream of molokai. I got it online. i was not sure about that at first, because i am scared the color wouldnt match my skin, i have an olive tone skin, so i thought the Molokai color would not match my skin. But, when i finally got it, im satisfied with how it looks on my skin. its highly pigmented and it gives a skin kissed touch without looking like a fake tan. some may like the stick bronzer or paste ones like a lotions, but for natural smooth looking tan, i think this is the good product!

Adorable packaging! great colors palette as well. i always love how Karl Lagerfeld draws the sketch using shu uemura eyeshadows. i think it very creative! I have been using shu uemura's eye shadow collections since i found it in my mom's make up drawer..ha! love the textures, love how it has smooth finished look. The smoky palette has a good color combinations. it just so pretty for natural looking smoky look.

I got it from Sephora sample kits and been my fave product beside Hoola from Benefit. It gives a sexy naturally highlight! Easy to apply and just love the finished look of it. I used to wear the Oriflame ( Swedia cosmetic brand ), they have the product that you use it to make your face a little bit tan and glow naturally, but since i found this, i ve been loving high beam!

I was looking for compact powder that give me a natural look, no cakey and light but i couldnt find it for a while. I am from Indonesia and i just moved to Austin just couple months ago, i was running out my compact powder for acne/prone skin Indonesia brand. I was so scared to try another powder or product because i have very sensitive skin, oily and break out easily.

I used to wear loose powder because my skin is oily, but always keep compact in my purse to touch up. But since i found this, i dont need any touch up here and there. The texture is so soft and i love how it settled on my skin, very natural looking. I also use the physician formula correcting bronzer powder ones, but this one is more natural looking without any shimmers.

I use the powder pad to apply it, since using a brush kinda make it uneven, because the product is a little bit it!

on my 3rd bottles already! seems like i could just drink it! smells so great. for me it gives the feeling about being not too girly, its like woman who is into motorcycle stuff and fashionable at the same Rocks!

It caught my eyes because the cute packaging! then, it says it could release the endorphin?! i am not sure about that, but i like the color on my skin. This blends perfectly, but don't use it too much, because it would give a cakey finished. The shimmer on it is okay, still naturally looking glow after all. I found by end of the day it oxidized a bit into darker shade. So far, so good!

just love it!!!

I love bronzer! been around all bronzers you could find but this one has been my 'Must have'. I used to use Dallas ones, but its too orangey for my olive tone skin. I use it for contouring and it works so good! no heavy-cakey finished, it just look so naturally. I introduced this to my mom, and she loved it too!! Good packaging but skip the brush though..

i never been a foundation lover girl, i have a very sensitive acne prone skin so i skip using any foundations because i am afraid of breaking out. But, well..we are ladies, always want to try this and that to cover imperfections and want to look flawless. I found the good reviews about it and seems like i should give a try. I like the salicylic acid in it because its good for acne prone skin, but still need a concern though, since 0,6% salicylic acid only works good on right Ph balanced skin. But, so far, this is my go to foundation for now, it has a matte finished,natural , not cakey and long lasting wear even though it is tend to dry a bit, so you might want to use extra moisturizer before applying this foundation.. avoid eye area, because the salicylic acid would dry that are, so far, its been working good on my skin and i love it!! worth to try!


Itss a Feminine yet sexy smell.chic! For those who loves not that strong too much-too much perfumey smells, its a winner. Fruity smells make you happy!mixed with flowery touch in it gives a sexy smells, yet it lasts a whole day.spray a little on your hair and back of your neck,whenever the wind blows your hair,the smell lingers smoothly!love it!

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