Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup


Ncy L.

i never been a foundation lover girl, i have a very sensitive acne prone skin so i skip using any foundations because i am afraid of breaking out. But, well..we are ladies, always want to try this and that to cover imperfections and want to look flawless. I found the good reviews about it and seems like i should give a try. I like the salicylic acid in it because its good for acne prone skin, but still need a concern though, since 0,6% salicylic acid only works good on right Ph balanced skin. But, so far, this is my go to foundation for now, it has a matte finished,natural , not cakey and long lasting wear even though it is tend to dry a bit, so you might want to use extra moisturizer before applying this foundation.. avoid eye area, because the salicylic acid would dry that are, so far, its been working good on my skin and i love it!! worth to try!

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Mowgli C.
Perfect complection

i have lots of freckles and imperfections in my face. i bought this hoping it would make my skin tone even out without making me look plastic. It looks all natural! and it doesnt take alot. It also has product in it to help rid your face of acne! a must have in my makekup bag!

Hannah D.

Awesome! This is like the first makeup, foundation, that i have really ever liked. It's awesome. I use it everyday, I mix a little pump with my sunblock lotion and it's great. My skin has really never been healthier looking or feeling.

Stephanie M.

i really like this product a lotttttt! it covers up your flaws instantly. i have combination skin thats more oily, and usually i have to put lotion on my face before wearing foundation, but with this, it instantly works without looking chalky or making your dry skin worse. plus it helps keep your skin blemish free because it has stuff in it to clear up your skin! definitely recommend it!!