Physicians Formula

Mineral Face Powder


Ncy L.

I was looking for compact powder that give me a natural look, no cakey and light but i couldnt find it for a while. I am from Indonesia and i just moved to Austin just couple months ago, i was running out my compact powder for acne/prone skin Indonesia brand. I was so scared to try another powder or product because i have very sensitive skin, oily and break out easily.

I used to wear loose powder because my skin is oily, but always keep compact in my purse to touch up. But since i found this, i dont need any touch up here and there. The texture is so soft and i love how it settled on my skin, very natural looking. I also use the physician formula correcting bronzer powder ones, but this one is more natural looking without any shimmers.

I use the powder pad to apply it, since using a brush kinda make it uneven, because the product is a little bit it!

Summer E.
love this products

All the Physician formula products are just amazing this product just makes your skin look flawless no need to add anything else if you want to go and refresh your look real quick just grab a brush and in circular motions apply and walla you ready to go...

Emilie N.
Go To Powder

Ive repurchased this powder about 4 times i believe because i love it so much. When you first get it though, it is extremely powdery and tends to get fallout everywhere, but after using it a bit, it stop doing that. This powder has incredible coverage and evens my skin tone. Its not too heavy or cakey feeling. I use it everyday either to just use by itself on my face or to set my foundation with it. Its great..

Erringer H.
The solution for a fresh look

absolutely absolutely love this. I keep this in my purse with a tinted moisturizer to keep myself fresh whenever i need to. Let's get real, no face powder has really proven to stay on the face 24/7 - so the value of the application is what is most important and this product transforms your face. Not only does it even out the colors of your face, but it does an impeccable job of keeping you look natural. Just a warning though - keep this in a small makeup bag if you are going to keep it in your purse, it can get a little messy if you don't do otherwise.