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Great Winter Hand Lotion!

this was one of my first purchases at my local Kiehls and I absolutely love it! My hands are extremely dry during the winter (when your a nurse and are constantly washing your hands) even at home I'm always washing my hands and my hands would be so dry they would crack. I have used this product and it makes my hands super soft and the smell is amazing! it is rather pricey for a hand salve, but absolutely worth every penny! My hands looked so dry and nasty and now after using this only a few times, my hands look normal again!


I think i'm one of the few that didn't quite go ga-ga on this product. I found it mediocre at best. I actually like soaps that lather up, this did not, and when I used this, my face did not feel completely clean.. I had to go back with my other cleanser to feel completely clean. I honestly felt like I was just rubbing a light lotion on my face with water. it didn't take off my eye make up. so this was definitely a miss for me. Luckily I only purchased the small bottle (even though that was $16!!) definitely not worth it, for me.

an average wipe..

I didn't find these particular wipes to be something to go crazy about. they actually stung my face, and I do not have sensitive skin. I found that it did not completely take off my make up, and after swiping my face with this product, it left a filmy residue on my face (which i do not like).. the smell was amazing, but otherwise, that's all that there is to brag about it.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this, it just was not for me, and my sister in law also had the same experience, unfortunately.

amazing brush - must have!

very versatile brush for use with liquid, cream or powder foundation. i have used this for many different types of foundations and this brush is just amazing! it's easy to use, does give your skin a flawless appearance and blends foundation like a dream!

i also use this to set my foundation with powder, or just when i want to use powder only i use this brush by stippling the powder on my face and it works perfectly.

this brush does not shed at all! :) love love love this brush! :)

great price for an awesome product!

I have always loved the NYX blushes (and other products of theirs) but by far - love their blushes as i'm an avid blush collector! super inexpensive and the blushes are really pigmented and the lasting power is awesome! i often times find myself reaching for these blushes instead of my MAC blushes! great variety and different textures. definitely would recommend for those on a budget or not :)

super easy to use! great for those in a hurry!

I usually always tend to do my nails before bed, when i've put my babies to bed. this hasn't always been the best idea because i wake up with smushed nail polish, or half my nails with polish and half without lol. so when i stumbled upon this - it was such a perfect idea/concept! it was super easy to use when using the instructions (or without), like someone below had mentioned, i have no idea why there are only 16 - should be 20 instead. maybe for minor touchups, but still, for 8+ bux, i'd like to have more use out of it.

tons of different colors and styles to choose from - and like i mentioned - great for those in a hurry and don't have a lot of time waiting for polish to dry! :) would definitely recommend and would purchase again!

gives you a flawless skin appearance!

I do not have perfect skin, especially during this pregnancy. my skin is terrible! I had originally heard about this foundation from Ingrid (missglamorazzi) and decided to get a sample. i got two samples, used them and fell in love immediately. it is super easy to use (you must shake the bottle though) and you really only need a little bit (a little goes a long way). it goes on like second skin. perfect for summer and perfect for those that want medium (slightly buildable) coverage. love love love!

chic packaging - cutesie variety of colors

I actually really love Essie nail polishes! i love the chic and feminine look of the polish packaging. also love the variety of colors they have. i've never had a problem with the formulas or any streaking. the only thing that is a con is the price - but otherwise it is worth it. love these polishes!

inexpensive and does the job

It's a great product that's affordable, smells great and does the job. i love the sleek look of the packaging and the spray nozzle - it was really easy to use and didn't leave my hair feeling sticky or grimy. loved the product! does not make my hair oily (other products tend to do that) very awesome find!

great blushes for amazing price!

NYX has some amazing blushes! great quality for the price! some comparable to MAC for sure! I love to use these more often for everyday use than my MAC blushes because of how inexpensive it is.

maybe the lasting power isn't the best (but for the price, i'd expect that).. but nonetheless - great blushes and would love to get my hands on more and more and MORE!

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