Beauty Product Reviews


I use this brush to put on liquid foundation! Leaves an airbrush finish with my FitMe foundation applied in circular motion..It's so soft. I can't say anything bad about it. $3 for a good quality brush! I'll buy these forever.

It's ok.

I have two of these. I don't think I will ever even go through one. The brights are bright and the neutrals are ok. There is one color(the one in the top right corner) it is a dark almost black with gold glitter, I was obsessed with how it looked in the pan then I tried it on and bleh. It doesn't blend well.. that was so disappointing. I can't complain too much tho because this palette is only 5 bucks! I would recommend it for beginners or for people who like to just do simple shadows. Even for people who just play around with makeup. It's nothing incredible but it's definitely not bad. I will always love elf and continue to buy their products. One color missing tho was a red! More palettes need to come with an awesome matte red!


I used to use this on my brushes everyday, not because I liked it, but because I bought it and I hate wasting product. I just can't get passed the weird awkward smell. Its not really a bad brush sanitizer at all tho. I mean its like 3 bucks and it does the job, but seriously, that smell has got to go. Unscented cleaner would be nice.


This was my first UD palette and I fell in absolute love! Ok so there are a couple of colors that I don't wear that often, but I try to fit them in every once in a while. Toasted doesn't really look good on me so I use that on family members when I do their makeup. Flash is beautiful but I dont really do purple shadow. Other than those two, they are all great! I loooove snatch to pieces, minus the glittery fallout. And of course you get the pp <33 and the zero pencil which has become my go to liner. Over all Id say this is an awesome buy for sure!

Big thick dramatic lashes but...

I love this mascara for dramatic thick lashes but its so clumpy and leaves flaky bits on your face after a while. I will probably just stick to the original formula for the most part and maybe use this for nighttime, going out makeup.

one of my favs

This is my go to brush. It is soft and it picks up color really well. I have a ton of them. I buy one every time I see one and I make sure all my friends have one or try one for themselves. The best part? Its only a buck!

I'm in love

It was love at first site for me. I didn't think I would be able to wear it tho because I have has a hard time wearing browns in the past, but this is just perfect for me. The iridescent blue in it gives it so much life. I love how it feels going on. I will say though, the blue does blend out a little bit and you are left with more brown than anything. I usually just put a little more on my lid when that happens. I would definitely recommend this product.