Too Faced

Eye Shadow Single


Kristen H.
Great pigment, long-wearing

These shadows have a ton of pigment in them. I have a few of these (Dirt Bag is my favorite), and the shimmery formulas have a multidimensional finish. They look really rich on. They glide on smoothly with any type of eye brush, and they're long-wearing, especially with primer. All in all a great eyeshadow.

Heidi S.
Good...not as great as Urban Decay, IMO.

I do like the colors, and they glide on silky. Blonde Ambitions is a shade which seems to suit any skin tone. It's light and shimmery, but it still shows. I like eye shadows that have some oomph to them, and I haven't had any luck with Too Faced shadows being that.

Amanda K.

i have about five of these, hehe, as well as a booklet that contains about five more.. the pigmentation is beautiful, glamazon is terrific for day or you can up the ante for the night time, its like a beautiful champagne color.. but label whore... oh man.. its like a better version of club by mac.. its awesome.. i cant explain it.. grab it for yourself, you'll see.

Misty H.
I'm in love

It was love at first site for me. I didn't think I would be able to wear it tho because I have has a hard time wearing browns in the past, but this is just perfect for me. The iridescent blue in it gives it so much life. I love how it feels going on. I will say though, the blue does blend out a little bit and you are left with more brown than anything. I usually just put a little more on my lid when that happens. I would definitely recommend this product.

Taylor S.
Silky, shimmery, long-lasting

This texture of this shadow is unbelievable. It's silky and creamy at the same time, although it's a powder formula. My favorite shade is Glamazon; it looks good on everyone, regardless of your skin tone or eye color. The packaging is awesome too: these shadows are .08 oz versus MAC's .05 oz. The only grip I have with these are that the color selection is sort of limited. But the colors that they do offer are superbly pigmented.

Marissa E.

This color is amazing for all skin tones...esp tan and deeper...I have brown eyes and I love love love bringing out my eye color. This color brightens my brown eyes and is amazing with any color out there! :) this site is so amazing...I can finally tell more people about my loves beyond my clients!