Studio Daily Brush Cleaner


Jlee B.

omg, It smells so horrible. Like, soooo fragrant. It made my nose hurt, plus I was sorta worried about using the brushes with all the fragrance being putting on my face..BUT if you can get past the smell. it cleans the brushes decently BUT doesn't dry very fast..

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Aspen S.
Sanitize but not clean

It will kill all the germies( whats really important), however as a mua, perception is reality. If a brush looks dirty to a client then it probably is. Only good for at home personal non white brushes. The smell doesn't bother me, smells like floral alcohol.

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Isabelle S.

I actually really like the smell. Its not amazing, but not bad(: This is the perfect brush cleaner especially for the price. It's not really daily though, because it takes a while to dry. But, for a every other day cleaner this is great! Love it :*

Maria Y.

I have been using this after everytime i have been using my brushes, and i have to say it is a great on the spot cleaner. My foundation, blush and even my eye liner just melts aways from my brushes when i apply this product. And the most amazing part is my brushes feels so clean and soft again. I love it, this is a must have for every girl.

Lacey F.

this is really great! it really does help take off alot of the excess colors and such so you can use the same brush again! it does sanitize which is great! also, this is used for a touch up cleaner! its not supposed to deep clean your brushes. just do those little in between spot cleanings.

Shannon T.
Great "part time' cleaner

It works wonders when taking color off the brush but not on my fingers. I think it's drying even if I don't use it often. But for my brushes, anything goes!

Taylor S.
Great for quick cleanings.

People need to understand that this is a DAILY brush cleaner. You use this in between cleanings. It's not going to deep clean your brushes or remove every trace of makeup. It's just to quickly spray on your brushes to disinfect them! The smell really isn't as bad as everyone says it is either. I actually kinda like it. It smells very fresh and clean. But it is rather strong and the scent lingers for hours. My brushes even still smell like it the next day. So if you don't like the scent, I can see why that would be a problem. But all in all, I like this product. I mean for $3 you really can't complain!

Ashley S.
Smells bad, but it works.

This is meant to clean brushes before actually deep cleaning them. It does work! Yes, it smells. But it's only a few dollars...I'd rather not spend a butt load of money on something more expensive that smells better, but does the same thing that this does. It does its job. The smell goes away.

Shanie H.

its great, it smells a little funky but by the next day when you use it again it feels as if you had just deep cleaned them, they are really soft and dont feel like that have been absorbing any product

Maura Z.
was worried at first

when i first opened the packaged, i thought it smelled terrible and i was afraid to use it on my brushes. but i used it as a tester on a brush i never use and it turned out to smell actually kinda good. it cleaned off the excess blush on my angled blush brush and left it almost as white as it was when it was new. it killed the germs and left them softer. this is a great product for $3 and a quick fix for when you dont have time to deep clean brushes. however, it did not take all the access eyeshadow off of my brushes so i will be deep cleaning those later.