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finally something that works.

oh my gosh, i read the reviews here about the nuetrogena wipes and realized the damage i was ignoring to my face just to get the waterproof makeup off, after reading great reviews about this product i decided to go out and buy it, i absolutely LOVE it!! the nuetrogena wipes burned my eyes and left my face greasy as this product does the opposite of both. i will never go back to something that sucks!!


so for years i didnt understand why everyone was crazy about these, i had tried the mint one and i realized i hated mint and took it back, never thought they had anymore flavors until my niece let me try her pink one and i fell in love within two days my lips were the softest they've ever been. i went and bought one, thats the only moisterizing lip balm i use.

The only ones i use!

After randomly trying these about a year ago, these have been great! These wipes are the only wipes that have made all my WATERPROOF make up offf, although sadly i am getting tired of the shine and oil feel they leave on my face after the wipes, i am too lazy to try other ones out. anyone have any suggestions?

strawberry shortcake (:

i felll in love with this product!!! i am going back to get more colors!! (: cannot get enough!!! (: i just wish i knew what colors would look good on my skin tone, i don't want to buy each single one and then not like them. They said they were moisturizing and they did not lie, i think it came out at the right time with winter just around the corner! (:

homemade cookies & roasted marshmellows

after hearing the late buzz on these candles i decided to buy one, i'm not a candle type of person but since i own my own apt now, i am obsessed with having it smell good, so i went to buy both candles stated above and was slightly disappointed that it didn't smell as much as i had wanted it too. i stayed in the living room with the candle lit for an hour or two and i barely got a couple of whiffs out of it :(

in love!

Although i am not the type of girl who spends $34 on a lipstick i couldn't help myself and splurge on this one. I went to sephora this weekend and swatched all the colors they had as testers and the perfect i found was 'nude beige' before making my purchase i checked out reviews on all colors and i was surprised nude beige looked good on me since on the reviews it looked a little intimidating. I'm a MAC NW35 so i didn't think it would work well but it did and i love it! I feel like a million bucks wearing a YSL lipstick (:

#80 Strawberry Shortcake

I actually I applied this product on before doing this review (lol). I am absolutely loving the fact that it is SOO moisturizing! unfortunately, i cannot find myself to buy any other color because i failed at having the peach one, which i hated the sparkle in it. so i'm scared i wont like any other color, wish they had a deeper pink.

loving for everyday!

I first saw this palette by a beauty guru (wanted2c1video) and she used it, it looked amazing on her so when i went to the store i picked it up! it deff gives you the proffessional look at a not so proffessional price! i loved it! i do find myself using it almost everyday. i am obsessed with the matte side! (:


oh my gosh! This brush is the best brush for contouring the cheeks and adding the bronzer to your face!! This brush is by far the best brush from the sigma collection i own!!! Deff buying a back up!! (:

My #1 Brush

Ive wanted to buy it for over a year now and i was always skeptical if it was worth $16, finally i gave in and bought it because i had always used dupes! i absolutely love it, so glad that i bought it and if i could buy another one i would, just waiting for my next paycheck! lol

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