Yves Saint Laurent

ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15


Ashely V.

This lipstick is heaven! the texture is smooth and silky. i love the packaging as well, so pretty. has great coverage with a little shine, for me thats the perfect consistency. i dont love the price though at $35 a piece. yikes. and because im ocd about applying lip products, i go through it pretty fast. the lipstick itself is actually slim in size compared to the container, so i dont think youre getting a whole lot of product. the nude beige is perfect with a smokey eye though!

Tatiana  M.
in love!

Although i am not the type of girl who spends $34 on a lipstick i couldn't help myself and splurge on this one. I went to sephora this weekend and swatched all the colors they had as testers and the perfect i found was 'nude beige' before making my purchase i checked out reviews on all colors and i was surprised nude beige looked good on me since on the reviews it looked a little intimidating. I'm a MAC NW35 so i didn't think it would work well but it did and i love it! I feel like a million bucks wearing a YSL lipstick (:

Leslie H.

I loveeee this lipstick a lot. It smells great and looks even better on. It goes on very smooth and creamy and isn't drying. The only complaint I have is that because it's so creamy it doesn't last long at all. But I love the color and the packaging (with the little mirror on the cap!)

Brittany R.

this lipstick is literally the best lipstick I have ever used!! the pigmentation is great & looks just like the swatch. The texture feels sooo great & soft on your lips! The only thing that sucks is the price :(