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This is made of tears

This is the worst foundation ever. I mean, I guess if it doesn't break you out, it's fine. It's medium coverage and the shade matched my skin perfectly with a dewy finish. However, I used it for two days. I have very dry skin. Well, had. I now have skin that feels extremely dry with a CRAZY layer of oil over my t-zone. After 2 DAYS of use, it's been a month with this problem. This foundation permanently messed up my skin, and that's not acceptable.

I just love this palette so much that I can't sum it up in a quick review like this lol. The matte shades are beautiful, but the shimmers are just... Wow. Most of Urban Decay's standard eyeshadows stay on for what feels like forever. You also get $216 worth of eyeshadows, $50 worth of brushes, and $6.14 worth of lip gloss total out to $272.14, not even including the excellent packaging and huge mirror. A small, purse-sized Sephora mirror I almost bought yesterday was $15 alone! $50 might seem like an investment for a palette, but it's so, so worth it. The eyeshadows are super nice and buttery, with only fallout being a problem. The brush is another star - I like how UD's brushes feel solid, unbreakable; and I've never had this brush shed on me. I love the versatility of the fact that it's double ended. I also like that there's a lot of different colors for different situations - you could create a dark smoky eye, or a light eye for family gatherings. The only issue is the lip gloss, which kind of burned my lips and just made them hurt. Regardless... Endless possibilities. I definitely recommend it.

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Another beauty! Super shimmery, but more along the lines of an Urban Decay eyeshadow's metallic qualities than sparkly. This was said to be a dupe of Hustle on the list above. It's a deep burgundy-brown that makes a beautiful crease shade, especially when paired with 390. Definitely as pretty as it looks in the swatch.

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A not-so-simple light beige color. I love this! Only fellow makeup junkies will ever understand why I get so excited over mattes, nonetheless mattes that are the color of my skin. Regardless of your judgments, this is a perfect lid shade and oh-so-matte. It could even work as a highlight on certain skintones. Hell, I've worn it on its own before, just to make my eyelids look a bit more polished before adding eyeliner. It's so, so smooth (they all are, really, except 441) and stays on long, even without primer.

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Agh, miss for me! This is the only color I was not stoked on. In pan, it comes off sort of like Urban Decay's Ecstasy or Fishnet. It looks like a shimmery purple duochome shade. When swatched, it's... Well, invisible. I had to really rub my finger in it to get that swatch, and I still don't think it's all that impressive. Not a huge fan, which is disappointing, because the color in-pan is beautiful. Very dry and patchy. This looks best over a sticky pigment base, but still not great.

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418 is a brown-forest green duochrome that comes off shimmery. I could not get this to photograph very well, sadly. Regardless of that, this is the color I was most excited for, and it did not disappoint. I've seen this compared to Sugarpill's Junebug Chromalust. It reflects as brown with a mixture of the green you see in pan. Very unique color.

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Oh no.

When I tried this on in the store on the back of my hand, it was great. Matched perfectly and the coverage and texture seemed decent. I tried to put it on my face today. It emphasized my imperfections way too much and made everything look super flaky and dry. Not to mention, it burned. I'm thinking I'm probably allergic to one of the ingredients, but it was still a miss for me. The only plus is the coverage - when I wiped it off, it was instant redness (from the prior burning, probably) like removing a mask. So there's that. Regardless, sorry, not a fan.

Ow ow ow

Oh dear god no. The texture and color were great, but... That plumping and cooling effect lost me. It's like tinted Icy Hot. You feel a cool, tingly, minty sensation, and then... Your lips start burning and get cartoon-huge. I'm really not a fan. It was painful on my sensitive lips. I'll stick with my Dazzleglass, I think...


I tried this with Dark Side and I'm just not really a fan. The lipstick itself is pretty intense, but this made it way too dark on me. Not to mention, the pencil is extremely drying and drags and stabs on my lips when applying. Definitely a miss for me. Maybe it's just the color, but... Eh.

I did think it was going to be a little bluer from the promotional shots, but they did call it black. It's a mostly black, shimmery shadow with blue glitter mixed in. It's still very gorgeous and very blue. It's not very pigmented alone, but I don't tend to use shadows alone anyway! I'm not disappointed at all. The base really brought out the blue in it. I need to test it in a look more to truly see it shine.

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