Urban Decay

Lip Junkie Lip Gloss

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Kelly C.
Great Everyday Color

This is a my-lips-but-better shade on me, and I wear it almost everyday! The Urban Decay formula of glosses is one of my favorites - it is completely non-sticky and tastes like peppermint!

Emilie N.

I got a mini tube of this lip gloss with my Naked 2 palette and i diddnt think it would be too great. I was WRONG! This gloss makes your lips nice and plum and gives them a nice cool feeling. The colors are to die for and the packaging is really cute!

Nichole W.
Fantastic :)

I love this lip gloss. I got a mini-size included with one of my Urban Decay pallets. The formula is super glossy, but not sticky (amazing!!) and it does have a slight peppermint taste after, which I enjoy.

Zhahara J.
Lip Junkie too

I know a lot of girls are not fans of the mint and tingly sensation that comes with this lipgloss. I do like the minty smell to it which I think smells refreshing. When I first got it I was more drawn to the packaging and wasn't aware it's lip plumping factor. I can't really tell any difference as I have full lips already and I didn't feel any tingling sensation either. It doesn't have a lot of shine as expected and didn't last that long on my lips either.

Angie A.
Ow ow ow

Oh dear god no. The texture and color were great, but... That plumping and cooling effect lost me. It's like tinted Icy Hot. You feel a cool, tingly, minty sensation, and then... Your lips start burning and get cartoon-huge. I'm really not a fan. It was painful on my sensitive lips. I'll stick with my Dazzleglass, I think...