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This color is actually a lot brighter and more pigmented than I expected. It's still a pastel-ish color, but it's kind of neon actually as well. The purple and white glitter make it super shimmery and nice in the sunlight. It's a nice lilac color, similar to the effects of a potassium flame. :)

I love this color. It's a nice mid-toned Barbie pink with white and baby pink glitter mixed in, which makes it more unique. The smaller sample was a good marketing idea, because now I want a full-sized jar!

A bright neon green that's very pigmented. Just a little lighter than Sugarpill's Acidberry, it looks similar to MAC's Bitter, but with more glitter. It's filled with white and green glitter, and is one of the sparklier shades.

This color is AMAZING. No camera I have could capture how beautiful it is. You put Lumi over a plain black base, and it just transforms! It looks rather blue in the jar, and when you put it over the black, it becomes a beautiful deep turquoise color. I bought it for a friend but I'm tempted to buy a full jar myself!

Not a fan

I got one of these and I actually used it today. The eyeshadows were extremely sheer (even for pastel shades) but they were just decent for blending. They're all right. Just nothing special.


Rating it for all the qualities I dislike about it! I wore it on my face/lips/arms as stitches to go with my Halloween costume, and it would NOT budge. Not soap & water, not baby wipes, not makeup remover, not makeup wipes; it would not come off. Get it if you don't want to invest in tattooed eyeliner!

Favorite liner.

This is my favorite eyeliner. Though I've tried many others, I always come back to this. This liner can stay without primer on oily lids all day and never disappoint. Not to mention, the pen design makes it super easy to get a precise line in any shape you want. There's a ball inside that makes noise when you shake it (similar to a spray paint can) and it works well at letting you know when you're running out. Great stuff!

Edit: They are discontinuing this and my life is over.


These are decent for drugstore shadows. However, I think the softer texture of the shadows just aren't up to par to stand alone without a casing. The strips they come in would not be that bad if it wasn't for the fact that they have no pan around them. They crumble, break, and blend together, making the packaging a dusty mishmash of colors. Would not recommend.

Prettiest blue.

I got two of these (Weekend Warrior and Azulian) and the old formula of the primer a few years ago. Weekend Warrior is a deep, frosty purple. Azulian is possibly one of the nicest blue eyeshadows I've ever used. It's very frosty and loaded with glitter in a shadow that has tones of teal and sky blue. You don't have to use a lot to reach opacity, and I suggest you only use a bit. Very good quality.

I own Forest Fury and my mother owns the purple and blue ones (unsure of names) and we love them. They're extremely pigmented, especially the pastels. I always find myself reaching for this when I want to do a green eye. They're very soft and blendable. The top gold glitter is extremely sparkly with great staying power. The dark green isn't the best simply because the pan makes it a bit hard to pick up. The neon green is my one of my favorites. Very bright, sparkly, and neon. My other favorite would be the mid-toned green. I've never seen anything like it! It's sort of the effect you get putting a matte topcoat over glitter nailpolish in an eyeshadow, and it's extremely deep. The bottom shade, finally, is a nice gold highlight. For the price? Not so much of a value, but as a drugstore palette, it's impressive.

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