Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation


Kristin M.
Love Love Love!

A wonderful full coverage foundation! This creamy smooth texture is wonderful for someone that wants to have a flawless complexion but never feels cakey or heavy, my new favorite! I love that it has an SPF in it and the natural amazonian clay. Tarte is a great brand!

Angie A.
Oh no.

When I tried this on in the store on the back of my hand, it was great. Matched perfectly and the coverage and texture seemed decent. I tried to put it on my face today. It emphasized my imperfections way too much and made everything look super flaky and dry. Not to mention, it burned. I'm thinking I'm probably allergic to one of the ingredients, but it was still a miss for me. The only plus is the coverage - when I wiped it off, it was instant redness (from the prior burning, probably) like removing a mask. So there's that. Regardless, sorry, not a fan.