Beauty Product Reviews

Not what I expected.

Initially I saw the glitter and wanted it but as soon as I tried to incorporate the glitter in a makeup look I did I was not impressed and instead I was quite disappointed. It's hard to work with. I initially used a concealer brush to apply it on my eyelids but the glitter was sticking to the brush more than my eyelids, which was annoying as hell. I then applied it with my finger and it was a little better but not much improvement. It definitely creases, since the consistency is cream base? Love the glitter hate the product it came in.

Quirky, Fun and CUTE! All in one lipstick tube.

I recently saw Lime Crime products at IMATS LA 2012 this year and was quite impressed at the lipsticks. I didn't really get a chance to view any of their other products since it was crowded. I bought 2 lipsticks from lime crime, one was Countessa Fluorescent, which is a lovely bubble gum pink and Centre Fuchsia which is a deep fuchsia/deep hot pink color. I was quite impressed at how opaque the color payoff was. It was even smooth going on the lips, and the color was long lasting, with a couple of touch up here and there. The Fuchsia one kind of stained my lips a little but it was definitely long lasting. The package is awesome, especially since I am a sucker for packaging, I think they did right with the purple and the unicorn and fun a quirky and really cute. I was able to purchase my lipsticks for $12 but it was at a discounted price since it was IMATS. I believe original prices of the lipsticks are $16 which is a bit steep for my wallet, not that MAC lipsticks are any better at pricing. But all in all I enjoyed the product and will probably be purchasing more in the future.

LOVE this product

I currently got this product when sephora restocked it on their online store. I have been eyeing it since it first came out during their 15 year anniversary but was hesitant to buy it at the time since it was out of my price range. They had sold out every where and thought that it was just not meant to be. So when Sephora restocked this product online I had to jump on it and get myself one. It was around $55 which now that i think about it, is totally worth it. I love all the colors in this collection especially the bright pink and teal. The eyeshadow formulation is smooth and silky and very pigmented. If I didn't know any better I would say that the formula for the eyeshadows are that of the new formulation that Urban Decay just came out with for their new, revamped single eye shadow tokens. I do recommend this product, because it has such gorgeous color, and you can a wide range of neutrals, colors and darks. Plus if you're as much of an Urban Decay fan as I am, this has got to be in your collection! =)

I must say theres a lot of frosty colors, but the ones that arent are pretty good. My favorite one is Circe and a pretty nude, nude for my skin color that is. The lipsticks dont smell awful either, they actually smell like flowers (or something like it). I expected them to smell plasticy or not have a scent at all but i was surprised to see that they smelled quite nice. Some of the colors can be a bit too creamy but thats nothing a kleenex dap cant fix. I love my round lippies =) well certain colors that is, and they are a good price as well!

I love this product although i believe theres a better product out there that does the same thing i think this is great for its price! This product is light and airy feeling and not to mention it smells divine. I would definitely recommend this product.

I have all of them except for lightning bolt and Crushed candy and so far i like them a lot. My favorite one is the one in Broken Hearted. The crackle effect happens really fast. I suggest you put on a light coat in order to have a more effective crackle effect. Then dont forget to put a top coat. I love it!

I love my elf blushed/bronzed. Its great for carrying everywhere since they come in one packaging. I use is almost everyday. The blush is just a right touch of pink and its quite buildable. The bronze i mostly use for contouring.

My absolute favorite perfume!! It smells amazing. I love wearing it on special occasions like weddings and on dates. Although it is a bit on the more expensive side, it is well worth it. I try not to use it for everyday since it is about $80 for the bigger bottle.

I love the milani single eyeshadows! I love the shimmer and everything. My favorite is beach sand and bronze doll. They go amazing together for a natural shimmery look =)