Lime Crime Makeup

Opaque Lipstick

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Melissa D.
Quirky, Fun and CUTE! All in one lipstick tube.

I recently saw Lime Crime products at IMATS LA 2012 this year and was quite impressed at the lipsticks. I didn't really get a chance to view any of their other products since it was crowded. I bought 2 lipsticks from lime crime, one was Countessa Fluorescent, which is a lovely bubble gum pink and Centre Fuchsia which is a deep fuchsia/deep hot pink color. I was quite impressed at how opaque the color payoff was. It was even smooth going on the lips, and the color was long lasting, with a couple of touch up here and there. The Fuchsia one kind of stained my lips a little but it was definitely long lasting. The package is awesome, especially since I am a sucker for packaging, I think they did right with the purple and the unicorn and fun a quirky and really cute. I was able to purchase my lipsticks for $12 but it was at a discounted price since it was IMATS. I believe original prices of the lipsticks are $16 which is a bit steep for my wallet, not that MAC lipsticks are any better at pricing. But all in all I enjoyed the product and will probably be purchasing more in the future.