Envy Me


Savannah Z.
My all time favorite! !

I absolutely love this perfume. The scent is fresh, light, and feminine. it says on all day long. I will wear this for the rest of my life! Nothing compares!

Janice E.
super sexy feminine scent.

My default fragrance of all time!!it gives off such a light fruity sexy smell!I can never get over it and im almost off and I always get compliments when I wear it too.

Valencia F.

Can't tell me nothing when I'm wearing this! I own the room when I walk in. It makes every woman who wears this simply irresistible and easy to envy.

Melissa D.

My absolute favorite perfume!! It smells amazing. I love wearing it on special occasions like weddings and on dates. Although it is a bit on the more expensive side, it is well worth it. I try not to use it for everyday since it is about $80 for the bigger bottle.