Beauty Product Reviews

I love these brushes! I got these brushes for Christmas and I was so excited to use them. The bristles are very soft and work with powder and cream formulas. I love the way they feel on the face, and I don't have to worry about any hair bristles being left on the face. I love that you can get these 4 brushes for a great price and they are perfect and essentials to use to help and create a flawless face makeup. The different sizes of the head of the brush is nice which can be helpful to use on a general area or to really focus on a particular area. I honestly can't think of any downfalls at this moment.

I believe I am a type of person who is pretty picky with mascara, fortunately I got this mascara as a beauty insider from sephora. I feel that the formula is somewhat wet, which may be the reason why it doesn't help with curls. I have hard to curl lashes so when I curl my lashes, this formula doesn't keep my lashes curled. But I would have to agree with this mascara being jet-black that lengthens, volumizes, separates lashes for an "out-to-here" look. The separation of lashes make my lashes look like they have multiplied and evenly coated, which I think looks nice. I also think that the idea of the mascara wand is nice because it has a ball with bristles at the tip which can help one get at the hard to reach lashes. But I do have a downfall with the ball because when I pull the wand out of the tube, there is always a lot of mascara left on the ball.


I absolutely love this product! I don't buy high end concealers but I have tried many drugstore types. No matter how many I try and like, I always end up going back to Garnier. It's semi-liquidy and when applied it blends nicely. I kind of have dry skin under my eyes and I am always afraid for product making the dry patches stand out, but this helps cover and lighten underneath my eye and fortunately doesn't make my dry patches stand out. I wouldn't say this is 100% coverage but the coverage looks great for an everyday look. Also, the metal roller ball is nice and cool, it helps me wake up and it's very easy to apply and blend. It also seems pretty long wearing and doesn't set into fine lines. The only con I have noticed is that there isn't many color options, so it may be hard to get one that suits dark skin colors.


I purchased this product when I first started out with makeup and it was great. You get 4 shadows and a base and illuminator for only like $5. The shadows are pretty pigmented for it's price and it's great for beginners to start out with and start makeup.


This was my first ever and only big palette I own and it works pretty well. There are some shadows that aren't the most pigmented but there are some that are pigmented. You almost have every color you'll ever need. There are some shadows that are shimmer and matte and satin finish. I am satisfied with it and I don't wear colored shadows that often enough, but I cannot compare it to the Coastal Scents and the BH Cosmetics kind because I do not own it.

Worth it?

I bought this product because my lips get extremely dry quickly, so I was in need of a lip balm. I ended up getting this, I think this product has a unique shape but at the same time it's kind of hard to carry it around, especially if you only have pockets. The product smells great and tastes nice but there are others that smell and taste good as well. It mae your lips soft, but I found other lip products that work just as well, and cheaper. If you have the money, go for it. But since I need chapstick all the time it's a bit pricey for me.

Must Need!

You can never go wrong with vaseline/ petroleum jelly. You must have this around this house because this item can be used for so many things. You can use it for your lips and moisturize them. You can use them to remove tough makeup, like waterproof mascara. You can use it for diy projects, like making your own lipgloss. There's so many uses of this item, you can't say no.


I really enjoy this product because it comes with tons of product (compared to others) and have tons of benefits for the skin. I really like this, I feel like it makes my skin look nicer but it doesn't feel like your wearing heavy foundation or anything.


This shadow has a similar packaging look as Nars. The shadow I own is very pigmented and very soft. It's only $3 and I think it's totally a product I recommend trying at least.


This product is luckily cheap and at the same time, highly pigmented. These are absolutely great. I especially use the brulee shadow as a brow highlight. I need to buy more singles, but they are great! Must try them at least!

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