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IndividualEyes Custom Compact


Rebekkah C.
Awesome value and quality
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I own Individual Eyes eye shadow palette for blue eyes and it's awesome. You get 4 pigmented eye shadows that are smooth and easy to blend, 1 eye primer and 1 cream highlighter. It's meant for people with blue eyes. However, I have dark brown eye sand it looks great on me, so it will look great with all eye colors.

The primer is my favorite because it works amazing. It neutralizes the eye lids and prevents the eye shadows from creasing.

Oh and the price is only $5 so it's an awesome value and quality.

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Sydney C.

I love this product the colors are very nicely pigmented for such a low price. Also the primer is really great it doesn't make shadows crease which was really surprising to me. The only thing I don't like about this palette is the layout. I don't like how the shadows get in the primer and illuminator and it just gets all Ewwie other than that it's great !

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Kalynn K.

I purchased this product when I first started out with makeup and it was great. You get 4 shadows and a base and illuminator for only like $5. The shadows are pretty pigmented for it's price and it's great for beginners to start out with and start makeup.

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Eireann N.
Amazing, HG

I was given this as a present during the summer as a gift and prefer it to my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, this palette gives me a gorgeous smokey eye that really makes my blue eyes pop.

Jordyn D.
Great Pallete

I bought this pallete for hazel eyes, which is the color I have. The eyeshadow are great. I bought this pallete in early September, and I think the shadows make a great fall and winter eye look. The primer is okay, it seems to wear off after about 5 hours or so, but is great for the price. I just bought this pallete for a friend, and I hope she likes this as much as I do!

Bria K.

I got this product because the colors were pretty and the price was even prettier. I absolutely love my compact, and I reach for it when I don't really have much time to get ready and don't want to think about my make up. The only issues I have are that the primer doesn't seem to prevent creasing for long, and the colors are so easy to blend that I barely touch them with my makeup brush and they all become one color. But that is probably due to how I've been applying it. All in all, I am soooo glad that I found this!

Nadia B.

I was quite surprised by the pigmentation of the Central Park collection. Without using the Primer Base you get a hint of color. With the Primer Base the color pay off is quite nice. The colors work very well with each other as well as separately. You get more than what you pay for.

Poppy T.
Very Handy!
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This is a good palette for on the go! It has a primer, illuminator, and 4 eyeshadows! The primer is alright, I don't like how the shadows fall out into the primer. Makes it very nasty. The illuminator however is very neat and very thing...I'm not sure what to do with it. I know its supposed to be fore mixing colors I think. The shadows are ok. Not very pigmented but I like how it gives you a natural flush of colors on your eyes. I like it. I don't think I'll repurchase it though.

Katie C.
Not too pigmented.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Bryant Park palette, which I guess is supposed to be for blue eyes. The colors are gorgeous in the palette. The two purple shades are beautiful colors, but I wish they were more pigmented. They just look shimmery on my eyes and not really colorful. They seem to stay on better if I just use them alone. But, over MAC Paint Pots they fade really quickly. But they do not crease and seem to be really good quality besides the last of pigmentation. I do absolutely love the illuminator. I use it daily.

Elisa C.

I have te one for green eyes , and i find the colors really pretty , but both with the primer provided in the palette and another primer like UD Primer Potion , they crease like crazaaaay. Seriously. The highlighter is quite good , i like the silvery shimmer of it :)