Beauty Product Reviews


Recently purchased the Coconut Lime and Mango Tango---love them both! They smell amazing and work just as expected. It's not a soft scrub so I recommend exfoliating areas that are not extremely sensitive or have breakouts.

Love love love!

I absolutely love this product! Used it for chapped lips, dry spots on my face and hands (I have eczema), and I even mixed it with an eyeshadow and made a great tinted lip balm!

Unfortunately, it's been discontinued. Crossing fingers they bring it back!


I love this product! I use it to make my own shampoos! I have crazy sensitive skin so when it came to my hair, I had to cut out all the relaxed ends and stay away from chemicals. Going natural was my only option. It was hard to find a product that didn't dry my hair even when it was relaxed so I found a few cool recipes using this product!

I have Pink Me Up and Nude-tricious. I love both the colors and the convenient twisty bottom.but it makes my lips feel more sticky than smooth. i feel like i need to put a large amount in order to get that smooth feeling.

I have really dry skin and this gives my skin the quick burst of moisture I need. i use it in the morning right after my daily routine. My husband also uses it after shaving something too!

I wear this eyeliner often but i didnt rate it over average because it is too soft--i guess thats how to describe it. It smudges. Other then that, I like it. I love that it is easy to put on.

i don't use flavored glosses too often because i am bad at licking it off-- haha-- but i really like the juice gems. most of the time i would wear Fig because i wear a lot of natural tone colors and it just brings it all together!

my favorite colors are dragonfly, piccadilly, luvstruck, whisper, lotus, and gioia! i like that I can use the mark. snap to it's to organize my favorite shadows. they also make a good liner. they have a video on youtube showing how you can take the eyeliner brush, dip it in a little water, and then in the corner of one of the shadows to use it as a liner. YAY!

If you are a product junkie and love organization-- go with this!! It's great to stick in your purse on the go and it so convenient! I have had this set for a long time and it's quality is excellent! No problems--what so ever!

I have never gotten the chance to actually buy this product because Clinique is great about giving it to you with gifts! So whenever I buy enough to get a gift, its there! I love it! I have sensitive skin and I can't use everything--it's definitely worth investing in!