Juice Gems Flavored high-shine gloss

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Rachel R.
High sheen

I love wearing these lip glosses alone or in combination with my lip stick. It really gives the lips a high sheen. Plus the flavors are great too. My favorite color is raspberry. I like wearing it with a red lip.

Mary S.
Lemon Sugar

Mark.'s Lemon Sugar Juice Gems is a gloss that was exclusive to their Juicy Details gift set, which I purchased for $5.75, and contained this gloss, and a Self Sanctuary 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. Juice Gems usually retail for $6.50 for .5fl oz of gloss. Mark products are made in the USA and not tested on animals. As I've stated multiple times, Juice Gems is my favorite lip gloss line, so get ready for a glowing review. n_n Mark.'s Juice Gems are packaged in a clear squeeze tube with dark brown cap. The lettering on the tube is white, which is kinda hard to see, especially on Lemon Sugar. I think brown lettering would be easier to see, be more unique, and be a little unexpected. Brown isn't seen that much in makeup packaging. Juice Gems have a slant tip applicator, which is my favorite type. Mark. used to have a weird, fuzzy slant tip applicator that was gross and felt weird, so these new plastic ones are especially enjoyed. Juice Gems have a thick, smooth, sticky texture that applies easily. Many people aren't fond of glosses with such a dense formula, but I like it, it keeps me from rubbing my lips together too much, or licking them. Lemon Sugar is a pretty unique color in the lip gloss world, and definitely a surprising one for Mark., who tends to keep their colors very safe. Lemon Sugar is a soft, pastel yellow with plenty of bright yellow and gold micro glitter suspended in it. The glitter does transfer to the lips, but appears much more subtly than it does in the tube. Obviously, Lemon Sugar is sheer. What is the point of a sheer, yellow gloss? For warming up cool, blue toned lip colors. It also adds a beautiful golden hue to red lipsticks. Like all Juice Gems, Lemon Sugar has an ultra shiny, patent leather shine. Lemon Sugar tastes almost like Ginger Ale to me. Or some sort of carbonated lemonade drink, like Lift, which really needs to be sold in the US, just sayin'. It gives a fun, tingly feeling on the lips, that feels like it could have some sort of plumping action, but I doubt it, since there's nothing on the packaging or website that would indicate that this is a plumping gloss. Also, Lemon Sugar burns horribly if worn on chapped lips. I found it out the hard way. Because of Juice Gem's thick, sticky texture, they wear for a good bit of time. With Lemon Sugar, I get about 2 hours of super glossy shine, and additional hour of dried down, semi-gloss wear. I really like Lemon Sugar and find myself reaching for it way more often that I thought I would. If you can still track it down somewhere, I suggest getting it. It's fun to try out of the ordinary lip colors, even if they're sheer. Lemon Sugar is particularly fun, because of the effect it gives different lipsticks. Mark. Juice Gems have an excellent formula, and are available for a good price. I've yet to find a gloss that can compare.

Consuelo A.

ups: flavors are so yummy, shades add a very lovely shine, hint of sparkle and color over any lip stick. Downs: limited shades, some shades are limited time, kinda sticky.

Janelle L.
Love it in Raspberry!

My favorite Juice Gem by far is raspberry. I personally don't think the lip gloss is very sticky. The shine is great. Some shades have slight sparkle but the raspberry goes on smooth. The taste is subtle but pleasant. Eventually I will try some other shades but I love raspberry!

Andrea B.
Taste Yummy and Look Great!

I have these in 4 flavors and I LOVE the peach one. They taste amazing. The only thing I personally am not a huge fan of is how thick and somewhat sticky they are. I prefer them not sticky. But it gives you amazing shine and flavor. plus some color.

Mary S.
My favorite lipgloss.

Mark. Juice Gems are "squeeze on lip gloss with real fruit extract" according to the label. This is my all time favorite lip product. I first received it as a sample from my Avon lady about 6 or so years ago and have repurchased it multiple times. They retail for $6.50 and come in 8 colors, with lots of limited edition colors at holidays. I've tried about 7 colors, and always come back to Juicy Pomegranate. I have fairly pigmented lips, so instead of the bright pink it shows in the tube it gives me the perfect light pink tint. The consistency of this gloss is very think and sticky, which personally I enjoy. Because of how thick and sticky this gloss is, wear time is great, upwards of 5 hours, even through eating and drinking. The finish is extremely shiny, like patent leather and has no glitter or shimmer. Another bonus is flavor. It tastes and smells like an real pomegranate. I'm tempted to lick my lips a lot when I wear this gloss because of how much I enjoy the scent/flavor. Packaging is a clear squeeze tube with dark brown cap and slant tip applicator, which is pretty standard. Slant tip applicators are my preferred lip gloss applicator. Juice Gems' used to have a fuzzy slant tip applicator, which was weird, but they switched to plain plastic a few years ago. Like I said before this is my all time favorite lip product. This is a good value at $6.50 for .5 fl. oz, which may not seem like much, but due to how infrequently you have to reapply, its actually a ton of product. The only possible thing I could see about this gloss that some people wouldn't like is the sticky, thick texture. But if thick, sticky, super shiny gloss is your thing, this one is perfect.

Ondria Y.

i don't use flavored glosses too often because i am bad at licking it off-- haha-- but i really like the juice gems. most of the time i would wear Fig because i wear a lot of natural tone colors and it just brings it all together!