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Define-A-Line Eye Liner


Erin Z.
Erin Z.'s Review Image

Another awesome drugstore fine. I use this pencil liner on my lower tear line when I'm doing a full smoky or dark dramatic eye. It has a tendency to smear, but it wears well if you're rockin' a dark color on your lower lash line. Not the best pencil ever, but it's very soft and travels well. Definitely worth having in your tool box.

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Lun N.
Sooo pigmented

You know how somtimes you have to re-do a line, with this liner you don't have to :D It's sooo good. It goes on smoothly, but the only thing is that it slides :(

Ali C.

This eyeliner is great. It has a very creamy consistency, which makes it perfect for smudging or as a base. It does tend to run when used on the waterline by itself, but eyeliner on the waterline usually needs to be re-applied frequently anyways. I set it with an eye shadow which extends the period of time I can go without re-applying (I usually only re-apply once with this method). On the upper lash line, I find that this product lasts all day after being set with an eye shadow.

This is definitely my "go-to" eyeliner. I have repurchased this product many times over the last couple of years.

jessica m.

i love this . its one of the best eyeliners i own to this day. i love it to death . its my go to every time i reach for an liner . its the best .

Jessica E.

This is my HG eyeliner. I wear this every single day on my water line! It glides on so nicely and stays put a majority of the time. It never stings my eyes and has been my #1 eyeliner for a couple years. I probably will never find an eyeliner I like as much as this one, especially for the price.

rachael h.
love it

My absolute favorite eyeliner, and I am convinced I will never find one I like as much (I hope I can... but still). I never ever have problems with smearing or smudging if I prime and powder up first. The line goes on easily in just one swipe, the color is vivid and bold. I have this in ebony black, slate gray, brownish black and chestnut brown. I love them all so much. Love the pen/pencil (idk what youd call this tool) and the creamy consistincy.

oh also, i never use the smudger cause it truely just makes you look like you were tired and rubbed your eyes, and after using it once it gets limp and kind of gross and looks like a lovely home for bacteria to live.

Andrea P.
Lasts long and REALLLY black

I love this eyeliner! it comes off super super black and lasts a long time even with my watery eyes. It does smudge a bit with my water eyes but everything smudges on me. Overall I definitely recommend this. You will not be disappointed!

Hanna V.
Love it!

I absolutely love this eyeliner, it's the only one I can use daily. It is quick and easy to apply, and it doesn't smudge too bad. My absolutely favorite (:

Lauren F.
Used this for years

This eyeliner is extremely creamy and easy to apply. It is extremely black and shows up that way. This product is great for people like me who line their water-line daily. I've tried other liners from the drug-store that do not perform as well as this one does, so I always end up re-purchasing this one. The only problem with this eyeliner is that is smudges and wears off easily. This eyeliner has to be re-applied to the waterline and cleaned up underneath the lower lash line. I do not recommend this eyeliner for lining the upper lash line. The price of this eyeliner is average-pricey. ($8 depending from where purchased) Overall, I love this eyeliner and will continue to use it until I find something that performs better and gives me the desired look I am aiming for.

Isabelle S.
Smudges Easily!

I love how creamy and easy this is to use! Plus, it's very black, which is exactly what I wanted. This is perfect for upper or lower lining! The only problem is that it smudges really easily, so I wouldn't suggest it if you touch your eyes frequently!