Beauty Product Reviews

great color pay off

Great color pay off and long lasting! The formula is smooth and comfortable! Love the texture and color choices this brand offers! Must buy! Worth every dollar! The color lasts all day with no touch ups!!!

creamy and blends well

Love this concealer! Its formula is really creamy and a little goes a long way. It blends with my foundation really well so you can't tell where the concealer ends and the foundation begins. It really covers dark circles so you can't tell if I only had a few hours of sleep the night before! Use a brush though, it is thick! :)

favorite liner

I am absolutely in love with this liner! It's so creamy and smooth! The color is intense and lasts all day long! I use it on my waterline and on top of my lid and it doesn't budge! I normally think cream eyeliners are overrated...but not this one! I will continue to buy it over and over again!

love the color!

I have 6th element, rhyme, and reason in the uniliners. I love the color pay off and the small little brush applicator! The colors are gorgeous and stay on all day. I even fell asleep wearing the Rhyme unlined and it was still on the next day and looked as though I had just applied it! Definitely recommend these! A little bit goes a long even though the tube is don't need much so it's perfect!

great to capture all of the baby lashes

This mascara has such a cool wand! It's great for getting all of the little baby lashes at the corners of your eyes completely covered! I never use this mascara as my only mascara, but it's great to "complete" your lash look! The less expensive "impostors" are no where near as good! The wand itself is small and firm so it's more effective than the other versions of mascaras with similar wands...the other mascaras' wands are more bendy so it's harder to get all of the little lashes perfectly!

Inexpensive but effective

These nail polishes are great for nail art. They're sold everywhere and come in a ton of different colors! The brush is thin and works well to create any design you can imagine! Worth picking up at the store for sure!

Great mascara

I love Lancome mascaras and no matter how many other mascara brands I try, I never love any more than Lancome! This mascara is no exception! It works really well and has a cone shaped brush to get every little lash covered!!! After using it a few times, I've noticed that it's most effective with long, slow strokes and gentle "blinking" into the mascara. Definitely worth the money!!

great. not thick. shadow stays put.

I love this eyelid primer! It really does make eyeshadow stay! Plus, it's not thick...and so many eyelid primers are! It's really concentrated so a little goes a long way. The description says to use the size of a raindrop...I use even less than that and completely cover both of lids :) Happy priming!

great when you need makeup to last

Every time I do bridal makeup or need to have my makeup last, I use this! I've heard people say they use hair spray to keep makeup on all day...but no way! This product is way more effective! It helps your makeup look stay put! You can be worry-free all day when you spray a little of this 6-8 inches from your face and let it sit for a few minutes!

love it

I have always thought these were adorable and my sister bought me one for Christmas! Great scent without being overpowering! It's super-moisturizing not just instanteously but the moisture actually lasts! They're so cute and easy to find when they're at the bottom of your purse! Haha. Ergonomically-shaped so it fits perfectly in your hand! If you don't already have at least one!

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