Rouge in Love

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Marissa M.
great color pay off

Great color pay off and long lasting! The formula is smooth and comfortable! Love the texture and color choices this brand offers! Must buy! Worth every dollar! The color lasts all day with no touch ups!!!

Theresa S.

The colours this lipstick comes in are great! The way it looks as the Lipstick it looks on your lips as well! But After somewhat an hour my lips were dry! Like the skin was peeling of or something. It felt as if the lipstick had stolen all the moisture from my lips. I used a lipbalm underneath ( one that is not shiny) and it help. But this is not whaat I want from a lipstick I payed 26€ on Though I might need to add, that my lips are really dry at the moment. You need a brush to apply it. I tried it without and had it all ver my mouth area - Not nice!