Phenomen'Eyes Mascara


Daphne R.
Hands Down the BEST Mascara... But...

I love trying new mascaras - mostly because I really dislike false eyelashes.

I love this mascara! I read a review in Allure and was fairly skeptical. I also thought the applicator was a gimmick.

OH MY GOODNESS... my lashes popped when I applied the mascara. They looked longer and plusher. Impressive. Scary impressive.

Then I headed out and by the time I reached my car my eyes were watering something fierce - I live in Atlanta or as I call it... the fifth ring of Makeup Hell... and the lovely mascara ran... and ran and ran. It's highly pigmented so it wasn't pretty. I think that it ran more than any other mascara I've used.

The watery eyes are my issue and do not detract from how amazing the mascara is. I am going to head out to Sephora this weekend to pick up the waterproof version. I'll update my review then.

Breann K.
Nothing short of the best

It took me forever to find the right mascara, but this won me over in a heartbeat. I bought this before I knew how to put on falsies, and it gave my lashes that effect. You can use the wand in any direction, and give your lashes any shape possible. I only wish it was a wee bit cheaper, and that Sephora was closer to my hometown. The next best thing I use is Loriel's Voluminous Million Lashes. That's def second best to Givenchy.

Christina G.
Best mascara ever!

I am absolutely addicted to this mascara. I am really picky about mascara and usually try a mascara once, end up finding something wrong with it and don't purchase it again. This mascara is both volumizing and lengthening. It doesn't smudge, run or crumble throughout the day/night and stays well. I typically reserve this mascara for going out at night or days when I want to look really nice because it does take me longer to apply than normal mascara (because of the funky wand). I do love the wand though, because it allows me to really get all my lashes without making my mascara look clumpy.

Alisia G.
Oh my god.

I don't always buy this mascara due to price but when I do, I remember why I love the damn thing so much!! For those outer lashes normal mascara can't get to... This product will do the trick. Gives you a wow effect, opening your eyes and reaching the hard to get lashes! Super dark, super easy to use, surprisingly even in the small packaging, lasts quite a while!! Buy in online to save yourself some $$$

Judy C.
Love it!

This brand has a wand that is perfect to catch every single lash, even the smallest ones. The formula of the mascara itself is great because it isn't thick and it never leaves my lashes looking lumpy!

Marissa M.
great to capture all of the baby lashes

This mascara has such a cool wand! It's great for getting all of the little baby lashes at the corners of your eyes completely covered! I never use this mascara as my only mascara, but it's great to "complete" your lash look! The less expensive "impostors" are no where near as good! The wand itself is small and firm so it's more effective than the other versions of mascaras with similar wands...the other mascaras' wands are more bendy so it's harder to get all of the little lashes perfectly!

Jennifer C.
At first....

I thought that this was the oddest mascara out there. But once I tried it, I soon realized it was such an innovative mascara! Great for short, stumpy lashes like mine great for separation, length, and lift!