Lime Crime Makeup



Victoria D.
Love them!

As soon as these were released, I wanted them. However I delayed and delayed picking them up, until I saw Rhyme and Reason (silver and gold) and I HAD to have them. I'm not disappointed! I LOVE that they have a brush tip. Felt tips are crap, and push around more product than they apply. The brush is nice and tiny, and I have no problems achieving whatever line size I need. They bottles are TINY. However, you don't need tons of liner. They go on pretty opaque, so it's not a huge issue. I definitely want more of these from LC. The other colors are so unique and are just calling my name!

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Sofia M.

I have the uniliner in the following colors: 6th Element, Orchidaceous, Lazuli and Blue Milk. I really like these eyeliners! It's hard to find colorful eyeliners and I love being able to add a pop of color to my lids without using eyeshadow. I wish they had a red, pink and green one! I would snatch those up in a heartbeat! Some are more opaque than others. The most is Lazuli, the least is 6th Element. Not a major issue as I can just go over it again to make it more opaque. The packaging is really cute, I love the boxes they came in and looking at the tube makes me happy! I love how you can see the color through the tube so you don't get confused about which is which. The brush is aiiigght. It's not felt tip it's a very thin brush. Some of the brushes have little hair sticking out which can make the lines not so perfect. The brush type is a little difficult to control. What I prefer to do is use my own liner brushes and dip them into the tube to apply on my lids with more control. As far as wear, I have had great results. I wore Blue Milk yesterday in 100 degree california weather from 10 am-12 midnight. It was only minimally faded and trust me I did plenty of sweating. I have had similar results with all the other colors I have. All in all I would definitely repurchase and purchase other colors (especially if they make those other colors I mentioned :) )

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Alexandra M.
Love it!

Lime Crime has been kind enough to send me all of the 7 eyeliners but I have to say my absolutely favorite one is Quill. I just love how it's not matte like most eyeliners, it's got some polish to it and gives the whole look a nice twist. I never had problems with it melting because of heat or sweat...and trust me it gets really hot here. I actually have trouble taking it off...I have to wash my eyes two times to get it off xD

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Samantha V.
its okay, but not worth buying more

I just have the orange one and the purple because orange looks awesome with my hazel eyes. But geez the tube is so tiny. Its like 16 dollars for a itsy bitsy little tube. Im not kidding when I say its about as long as my pinkie finger. The colors are great and very long lasting but for the size and how much you pay... Not worth it.

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Bailey B.

When Lime Crime was having some kind of sale, I decided to buy the set of Unliners which runs around 54$ or something like that. With that kind of price tag, you would expect them to pay off, right? Wrong.I initially got them for summer use to use in the hot sun for a pop of color. You won't find this to be good because they are NOT waterproof. I didn't see this as being a problem at first because I've used plenty of non-waterproof eyeliners; however, these bad boys run and disappear with ANY kind of moisture. If you plan on wearing these over dark eyeshadow, think again. You have to layer these at least two times to get a decent color pay off. Which leads me to my next problem, THEY CRACK! If you layer too much, they being to flake off the lash line. All in all, I'm super disappointing with this product. If you don't have oily eyelids or don't sweat a lot and just plan on wearing this by itself on your eyes, go ahead, this might be the product for you. But for hardcore makeup junkies like me, check out the Illamasqua colored eyeliners. They seem fantastic and I have yet to be disappointed with one of their products yet. Xx

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Christina H.
Unique Color, Poor Formula

I've been dying for this color since I first seen the preview picture Lime Crime posted on Facebook. Forever, I had been trying to recreate this amazing yellow liner but to no avail. Finally during the Black Friday Sale, I was able to purchase it. While it is an AMAZING color and I do get a lot of compliments when I wear it, the formula is quite lacking. I guess from all the pictures, I was expecting it to be more opaque which it's not even close. It's also EXTREMELY thin. I mean Urban Decay's liquid liners are not as thin as this. Sometimes, it takes 3 layers to get a nice solid color. I could live with this is the actual amount of product wasn't so small...

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Abbey G.
Does not last.

I was quite excited to get these liners in the mail, considering how much I loved Lime Crime's lipstick (in Airborne Unicorn.) Now, I'm sad to say that they're really disappointing. I ordered Blue Milk and Orchidaceous and both have the same problems, so i know it wasn't the specific color I picked that had problems. If you want to successfully wear any of these liners, you better not sweat. EVER. You better not touch it after application, either. Even after allowing 30 minutes for the liquid line to set, if you lightly touch it or rub your finger across it, the color disappears as if it were a dry erase marker. definitely not the results I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, they look stunning right after application, vibrant and loud colors.... but don't expect them to stay on for more than an hour IF that. Will not be purchasing again.

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AnnMarie P.

for a log time ive been looking for a really good black eyeliner, and when i saw that lime crime was releasing eyeliner, i couldnt resist! Quill while being a black liner is beautifully pigmented and makes your eyes and your makeup really POP. the only thing imnot to crazy on is the price but its very worth it. might even get the rest of the collection. ;]

Marissa M.
love the color!

I have 6th element, rhyme, and reason in the uniliners. I love the color pay off and the small little brush applicator! The colors are gorgeous and stay on all day. I even fell asleep wearing the Rhyme unlined and it was still on the next day and looked as though I had just applied it! Definitely recommend these! A little bit goes a long even though the tube is don't need much so it's perfect!

Francesca G.
love these!

I originally bought all the colours of the eyeliner when Lime Crime was having a sale on, they were still pretty expensive but i heard good things about the products and i love my eyeliners so thought i would try! I love these! The colours are vibrant, pretty unique and all you need is one swatch! On one occasion i have found these cracked a bit but I haven't worn them yet when it's very hot so i can't judge on the effect that has like other reviewers said. Only other cons are that that the liquid is more watery than any other eyeliners I've tried before and the bottle is very small for the price but I love these and would recommend them!