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Beauty Product Reviews

Smells great....but does nothing for my acne.

This smells amazing! and I keep buying it...only for that reason! I don't think it does ANYTHING for my acne...nada. It does make my skin feel clean but is kind of rough and abrasive for everyday use...sorry Neutrogena....not a huge fan.

Amazing but Baby Oil works just as well.

I have never paid for this. I always get mini bottles for free when I purchase other products. Takes off everything and I love the way it feels. But whenever I run out, I just switch back to using baby oil with no complains. It works just as well. So don't waste your money, but use the samples if you get them.

No thank you. Used one time.

For $6 I expected atleast a decent eyelash curler...not something that would weirdly CRIMP my lashes and give them some weird crease. No thank you. Wish I still had the receipt...

The one hair tool I CANNOT live without!

it curls, waves, AND straightens! This does it all! Heats up lightening fast and gets VERY HOT! Creates natural looking waves and curls too. Smoothes and defrizzes as it goes. Effortlessly slides down my hair with no tug or stops. No complains. It is PERFECT. My sister loves her's too!

Just your average mascara. Nothing special.

Cheap. But nothing special. Adds no volume or length...simply makes your lashes black. Over-hyped in the media. Cannot hold curl and gives me raccoon eyes by mid-afternoon. May I suggest Voluminous Hydrofuge by L'Oreal.

LOVE THEM! If only they were less expensive.

I have nothing bad to say about this...except the $17 price tag. I have switched to using Sephora Flashy Liner in Waterproof ,which performs almost identically, but at less that half the price.

Amazing Pigmentation, very few matte colors, some fallout.

I have wanted this product for a LONG time! And I finally got my hands on it! ALL of the colors are beautiful. I especially love Half Baked, Smog and Sin. Sin is very close to Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, which I also love. The only color I have a problem with is Darkhorse, the fallout is terrible! But everything else is absolutely wonderful! The brush it comes with is very nice too!