BI-FACIL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover


Annaliese M.
Get it free with their gift pack!

This eye makeup remover is a dream 😍. There's no kind of eye makeup I can't take off with it, and it only takes one swipe. I can't live without this stuff... That's why I buy the seasonal gift, which gives you a free, moderately sized, vial of this miracle worker. It's wonderful and I highly recommend it!

Jennifer D.
pricey but effective

Great stuff but very expensive for what you get. I would definitely recommend this product. It takes makeup off easy, is good for sensitive eyes. And really does a job quickly. Only problem is it's very expensive for eye makeup remover. I need to be about 50% less for what you get. Other than price its great.

Celia M.
Love it

This is great and it's really gentle on my eyes and it never burns my eyes. I also wear wear contacts and many other products tend to make my contacts fell weird, but this product never does.

Eilla S.
Take everything off super fast

I actually use this for my eyes and my entire face. I've tried olive oil, coconut oil, cleansing oil, cleansing water etc. This is the only product that don't irritated my eyes or my face. It might be cheaper to use separate makeup remover for the rest of the face but honestly, this is just so gentle and effective. I do double cleanse so no matter what, I use a separate cleanser after so I never gotten any greasy after feel.

Effy W.
Great for sensitive eyes!

This takes off all of my eye makeup in record time. I also have sensitive eyes and with most other makeup removers I have irritation and my eye makeup doesn't dissolve. However with this product I noticed my eye makeup is gone after one swipe (even the waterproof things) and it soothes my eye area. Great for sensitive eyes.

Allison M.
Really good!

I was having trouble getting my makeup off with my other makeup remover because it was burning my eyes and skin so I decided to borrow my Mom's (which was this) and I never gave it back because I liked it so much.

N R.

I like the feeling and texture of the remover. It feels really moisturizing and soothing but it doesn't remove all my hypnose mascara. I really wish it worked. It's very pricey too.

Alexa M.
Makeup remover of the heavenly gods!

This is my cup of tea.

Pros: Gentle on the eyes Feels just like you're removing your eye makeup with water Effectively and thoroughly removes eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner Great for people who wear contacts, although you're supposed to remove your contacts before (I've forgotten many times...) The sample size is perfect for travel. I save them and refill for traveling.

Cons: I think it's funny that something used to remove makeup could be more expensive than the makeup itself, but I don't mind

Jen H.
My perfect eye MU remover

What else can I say that hasn't already been said? It's incredibly moisturizing and lush, and takes off every trace of eye makeup gently and without scrubbing. And the smell is incredibly soothing, almost like liquid baby powder or that lavender baby lotion. It leaves my delicate eye area soft and soothed at the end of the day.

Katerina J.
Gets the Job Done & Does it Well

Wow! Best makeup remover I have ever tried! You do have to shake the bottle up to mix the oil in, which may be a turn off for some people. That doesn't bug me though. I wear waterproof mascara and eye liner and this makes it so I hardly have to work to get any of it off! Very impressed. Worth every penny.