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Beauty Product Reviews

Besides clumping...

... It is one of the best products out there. This is every girl's must have in their make up kit. The only down fall about this is clumping. I don't like the clumping but i love that it thickens and lengthens my lashes. If you are a false lash lover, this will be your new best friend. The process does take quite a bit of patience but it'll pay off, I promise. You won't regret it if you buy it.

Kill two birds with one stone?

I walked into Sephora one day looking for a good primer and didn't find what I wanted but one of the Reps talked me into getting this. Came home, tried it as a lid primer and it was not my best friend. It creases but on the up side, it neutralizes the skin tone. I wasn't satisfied with it so I left it in my make-up box for a few weeks until I was out of concealer and decided to use this as a concealer for my under eyes, around my nose, lips and chin. This works wonder and it's super creamy. I believe that this would work as a concealer for any skin type and color. You can use it as a primer and concealer, your choice. Hope this helps you out.

So far I'm liking it...

I got a sample size from Sindulge and this foundation is going on my good list. This is a light to medium coverage and watery so if you want to build up your foundation, you can. Like I have mentioned, it isn't full coverage so you still have to conceal with concealer. It works for those that have oily-combination skin. I did look up for the actual size and price, it's a little bit on the pricey side and out of my budget that I would buy for foundation. If you don't have a budget, love high-end brands and like light/medium weight coverage then go for it.

Not for me.

I read and watched over 10 reviews on this product which had all good things to say, so I decided to purchase this product and it was a total no-no. Like others had mentioned, it's waxy and very sheer. Even when I did a swatch to see which color will show, they don't have any coverage of any sort. This product if not for me and I will not be going back for it.

A must have!

Like some others, I received this in my Glam Bag and I fell in love it with immediately BUT I will warn you that it does kind of dry out your skin. I've been noticing that it dries out the bridge of my nose (which I solve with by moisturizing at night before bed). This works wonders for those that have oily/combination skin. This kills the shine and keeps you from getting oily. This product has its pros and cons and the product will vary by person but if you don't like your face getting dry then this product is not for you.

Is it just me or does this hurt when you peel it off? I like the product don't get me wrong but I usually have a high pain tolerance level and this just doesn't cut it. I don't see great results but they're okay. Handy when you need them but I don't use it daily, maybe once of twice a month. This isn't one of those must-haves so if you're really debating on getting it, might as well save the few dollars and spend it on something else. =]

They're worth the price that they come for BUT some come with brushes that are a little to big and it doesn't satisfy me. Also, the glitter art ones are a little watery, the color/glitter doesn't show well on the nails. My favorites that always work for me are the white and black ones.


I use the white eye shadow base and I lose it. Although, I don't use is for an eye shadow base but as an highlighter from time to time. I don't really like to highlight with powder/mineral so I use this. It works and I like it. It's not sticky or anything.

I have the white (Milk) and black one, not sure what the black one is called. Anyhow, I use the black pencil pretty often but it smudges a lot. Maybe it's just me but when I apply it, the next thing you know, it gets all over you lids. Maybe this product just isn't for me.

For it's price, it's the best!

Everyone talked about this product like it was a goddess so I gave it a try a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with it! It's amazing, keeps my skin hydrated and of course one shade. I too, will continue to purchase this as long as it is in stock. I don't like to put on foundation in the summer time because of the hot weather.. Foundation gets muggy and gross. This moisturizer on the other hand doesn't do that. It also keeps your skin from getting oily.

This is a MUST HAVE! (Especially for those that can't go without foundation but hates how muggy and sticky it gets after a long day)