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X Out Shine Control


Mai Yia V.
A must have!

Like some others, I received this in my Glam Bag and I fell in love it with immediately BUT I will warn you that it does kind of dry out your skin. I've been noticing that it dries out the bridge of my nose (which I solve with by moisturizing at night before bed). This works wonders for those that have oily/combination skin. This kills the shine and keeps you from getting oily. This product has its pros and cons and the product will vary by person but if you don't like your face getting dry then this product is not for you.

Melanie G.

I received a sample of this in my most recent Glam Bag. I only used this product on my forehead, because that's the only place that I’m really oily. I was a little unsure when I was supposed to apply this, but I did it after toning and before using serum (not sure if that’s correct). I noticed that my forehead wasn’t as oily by the middle of the day as it usually is, but it was still oily. This product also contains alcohol, which is a big no no for your skin. I probably won't be using it again.