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Angela s.
Bright eye

I really like this product. As soon as I put it on my eyes instantly brighten up and any discoloration, viens, etc. disappear. And even though its yellow it doesnt apply that color it blends very nicely. So I'll defiantly get another when mine runs out.

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Cassie B.
this makes for a great base for shadow's and wakes up your face!

this product is wonderful for waking you up, or more so your face! After a late night out, it's the perfect fool proof hangover cure for your look! It also serves as a terrific eyeshadow base, doesn't crease after 5 or 6 hours it still looks great!

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Chelsea D.

I got this product to wear it alone at work just to correct the uneven skin tone on my eyelids. This definitely conceals the discoloration on the eyelids and instantly brightens the entire eye area. It didn't give me the most natural cover and may be a little too light and pasty for my use. It also didn't work well as a primer. In fact, after a few hours, it creased and ran off. I tired putting primer under and over this product and it helps to extend the wear.

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Heidi T.

If you know how to apply it correctly, you will conceal and highlight your eyes and face in one single step! This Benefit product is a MUST HAVE for me. Worth the money, in my opinion! In my post and video I show you how to apply it to get the most of it and what to expect BEFORE you purchase it! Learn more here and ask me any questions you need!

Stephanie D.
I can't live without it

It corrects my dark circles, brightens up my lid, brightens up under the brow bone, covers redness around my nose and in a pinch will neutralize a blemish. It will make regular concealer stay put - but warning, if you don't put some regular concealer over it before you apply eyeshadow, it will crease. Especially in the summer. Honestly, most days I don't even wear eyeshadow and I tightline, so I don't really use it for priming purposes anyway...hence, the creasing problem doesn't really annoy me. I can't recommend this product highly enough. It's practically my magic wand.

Mai Yia V.
Kill two birds with one stone?

I walked into Sephora one day looking for a good primer and didn't find what I wanted but one of the Reps talked me into getting this. Came home, tried it as a lid primer and it was not my best friend. It creases but on the up side, it neutralizes the skin tone. I wasn't satisfied with it so I left it in my make-up box for a few weeks until I was out of concealer and decided to use this as a concealer for my under eyes, around my nose, lips and chin. This works wonder and it's super creamy. I believe that this would work as a concealer for any skin type and color. You can use it as a primer and concealer, your choice. Hope this helps you out.

Maria L.

I have vein-y eye lids that sometimes have redness. I just bought this product and used it today for the first time. It instantly neutralized my eyelids without a yellow finish. I also applied some under my foundation around my nose (broken caps) and it corrected the redness there. This does what I wished Philosophy's Keep The Peace did.

Ashley G.

Once again Benefit did it again, I love this product i have a lot of redness on my eyelid and this helps hide it VERY well.. i also love putting it under my eyes and it brightens my dark circles very well. I definitely recommend you try this stuff out, i have hardly any left and I'm definitely going to go buy some more!

Kassondra B.
Great Go-To

Best high-end eye primer I've tried to date. The light color allows both darks and brights to pop on your eyelids. Creasing is minimal with great coverage and staying power. Definitely prefer over creamier primers like Urban Decay primer potion.

Ashley C.
Perfect for Breakouts too!

Ive been using Benefit lemon aid since late 2005 and i have repurchased it (well in kits) and always have used it. I love the yellow color correcting formula it works not only on the eye lids but on red break outs which is AWESOME! but it does have its down falls. I have my recent lemon aid in my Confessions of a concealaholic which i purchased at my local ulta; I have almost hit complete pan too!

-Plastic round compact with mirror inside. -Smooth creamy formula, easy for blending -Buildable coverage for medium to full coverage for all over face (not just eye area) -Great for removing redness but only have a few hour lasting capacity. -Makes your eye area look awake & less red! (especially if your eyes are red) -Creases on the eyes after awhile, even if there's a base under. I normally where this when i don't want eyeshadow s i have to blend the lines out but the redness is still concealed. -No harsh smell or staining. -purchase at any local benefit bars/stores, sephora, ulta, or online.

The only down fall is it creases after a few hours which stinks.but i do love popping this under my concealer when i have a breakout on my face; Or Ive had toughs lazy mornings before work where i use this by itself just to make my eyes look awake! I still use this and will continue to do so unless i find something better which i haven't yet so i am not worried.