Studio Corrective Concealer

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Kamaile R.
You Get What You Pay For...

For only $3 I think it's worth it. I only use the green for redness around my nose and on my cheeks, and then the pink for undereye darkness. You have to remember that this concealer is meant to be worn under a natural colored concealer and your foundation on top of that. If you are wearing it alone, then you are probably going to look washed out and it won't look very natural. I like it for its purpose and it works well for my skin.

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Elaina Y.
Good price for a good product

I really like that all the different colour corrective concealers are in one palette. It makes it easy to carry around and travel with. Aside from the great packaging, the concealers have a great creamy texture. A little bit of product actaully goes a long way. I actually only mainly use the last 3 colours of this corrective palette. I find that the green shade does help to reduce redness on my skin, but you do have to blend it well otherwise it will leave a little bit of a green tint on your skin. The pink and darker beige is great for concealing dark under eye circles, again this product needs a lot of blending to make it even out. Most importantly I do need to wear foundation or a matching skin tone concealer over this product, otherwise I don't recommend using this product alone.

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Mai Yia V.
Not for me.

I read and watched over 10 reviews on this product which had all good things to say, so I decided to purchase this product and it was a total no-no. Like others had mentioned, it's waxy and very sheer. Even when I did a swatch to see which color will show, they don't have any coverage of any sort. This product if not for me and I will not be going back for it.

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Veronica T.

I have been using the green to block out the redness around my eyes. The creaminess could be better. Along with the other colors, it might just be me that needs a heavier coverage.

The brush is no good. If you need a light coverage then this is alright to use.

Keeshia P.
Don't waste your time

This palette was promising, but a disappointment. I bought it just to save some money on a similar, but higher quality product. I ended up loosing money I could have spent towards something better. It is very waxy and not very usable with other products. I used my foundation on top of the concealer, and it washed the concealer right off. Unfortunately, this was useless for me.

Charmy N.
Not worth the $

I've been loving elf lately because I believe they have stepped up in their products. This product however is very disappointing. I wish I read these reviews before my purchase, and it is definitely not worth $3. The product can hardly be picked up and is way to sheer to be applied on the face.

Amelia R.

I usually love elf. Their products are fantastic for the price you pay, and I'm addicted. So you could imagine my surprise when I purchased their concealer and hated it. They're thin and not workable or buildable at all and they're just bad. Don't waste your $3

Jasmine H.

it was rubbish to b honest and it didnt go on too well it was hard to even pick up on your finger or brush and it didnt look good

Tiffany M.
Total Miss

As a corrective concealer it definitely does not provide any coverage, it's very sheer and doesn't seem to apply smoothly. I was really disappointed in the product.