Calvin Klein



Mercedes D.

I absolutely have fallen inlove with this scent. My grandmother (who has amazing taste in fashion) starting wearing this scent one day, and I quickly noticed the change in parfumes. I noticed a week later she had chosen to wear it again, so I ask her if that was the scent she wore last week and she confirmed it. I then proceeded to investigate which parfume it was that she was wearing, Obsession. It's definitely a memorable scent. I'd describe as musky and spicey and gives off a vibe of mystery. I absolutely love it. In my top three of perfumes, and I give it #1 for the classics.

Serena G.

This is one amazing fragrance that won't let you down! 'Calvin Klein-Obsession' is a must have for those of you who prefer a rather strong and spicy scented perfume. This perfume is very refreshing ( and i'm speaking from experience) too and I would definately recommend it

Victoria H.
Pretty good

This would be absolutely fabulous for you of you love a strong and spicy scent of smell.

I love the majority of the Calvin Klein perfumes and I prefer Eternity over this but the smell is pretty good to me.

The perfume is really long lasting...I remember accidentally spraying my jacket and it stayed there for quite a few days.

Molly O.
A complex fragrance that at times can be overwhelming

I was looking for an intense, complex fragrance that work well for winter-time, Obsession by Calvin Klein is a little overwhelming for my taste. I like the fact that the fragrance lasts all day, but it gives me a headache and is a little flowery. Generally, I gravitate towards clean smelling fragrances or ones that have vanilla or coconut. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I place one squirt of the fragrance on my neck and one on the pulse area of my wrist. I much prefer Dolce and Gabanna's Red fragrance to Obsession for a winter, complex, fragrance. Unlike Obsession, Dolce and Gabanna's fragrance smells younger and sexier. In terms of value, Obsession lasts a long time and stays on ones skin, but isn't a fragrance I am drawn to. Since obsession has a flowery base to it , I would much prefer Dolce and Gabanna's red fragrance for winter.