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Bath & Body Works

Twilight Woods


Alyssa M.

I also have the lotion and I use it every day!! I recommend to get both the spray and lotion! <3 It is like a sweet fragrance that reminds you of a kind of sugar scub and if you don't have it go get now it is worth the price!

Johanna C.

I love love LOVE THIS !!! it's my FAV scent !! Ever ! It's just perfect ! It's spells so good and it's girly and nice I've had 4 of them

Beck H.
Price and smell

Bath and Body works is the best store ever. I always buy everything except really nice perfume and some body splash that I get form Victoria's Secret and Hollister. The smells are always great and the prices are right too! Sometimes the smells care a little too fast but worth every penny.

Kaitlin G.
B&BW is my addiction

Twilight woods is a really nice fall type of sent :) it really does smell amazing. Bath and body works surprises me every time <3 anyone else have a hundred hand sanitizers v.v

Sarah L.
Veryyy Good!!!!

I recieved this as a bridesmaid gift! I love it.. It smells in between a Britney spears curious && Nicki Minaj. Def will be buying it more often. It helps that iys suoer cheap too!

Arettlsar T.
Did they get the name for this Product from the movie Twilight is it just me?

I really love trying this Product on it smells very good and I want to buy it but I have never got around to buying it yet. What is in this body mist that makes it so good to smell? I'd like to know why I like it so mush?

Mercedes D.

I've got this fragrance, but with the sparkles in it. It definitely reminds me of something magical between scent and the sparkles. It has a bit of a musky floral scent, and super feminine.

Dinah D.

This fragrance smells so effing good! Lol I just love it, it's one of my favorite scents from Bath & Body. I only got to purchase it once in a set but I *will* be purchasing this again in the future. It's just that amazing.

Kaylee D.

I loove this! It has definatly been a January and December fave! I like using it when it's cold outside, to me it smells great and I love it! I would deffinatly recomend this! I accually just used all of mine :( Boo! LOL

Myrna P.

I discovered this scent while Christmas Shopping Last year I believe and I use it everyday! The smell is really warm and great to use throughout the winter season. The bottle is pretty and so is the smell. A little spritz is all you need. Great smell for a great price.