Beauty Product Reviews

Disney Villain Lashes

This mascara really does add some crazy length and drama. My lashes were super black and full after using this. The only downside is that the formula is pretty thick and clumpy, so if you're looking for more natural or soft looking lashes try something else. I use it when I need major drama, but the end effect is a little Cruella DeVille.

I've been looking for a really good exfoliant, and this is just delightful! It reminds me of orange zest. The grainy texture is invigorating and the smell is mildly citrus-y.

I've only been using it for about a week, but my skin seems to really feel cleaner afterwards. It doesn't scratch up your face or rip anything open, like some other exfoliants do. Using it in the shower is a great little pick-me-up in the morning.

My miracle product!!!

I can't even explain how much I love this night gel. I hesitated to buy it because of the price, but they have a new customer for life!

My skin has always been oily, red and acne-prone. I've tried all kinds of products. This one blew them all out of the water! Within a week, my skin was less red and oily. I've been using this religiously for a couple months now and I hardly believe how clear and even my complexion is.

The scent is kind of vinegar-y and unpleasant, but it goes away quickly. The gel spreads really evenly and easily, so you don't have to use much product. The little tub is small enough to be convenient, but heavy enough that I don't feel so bad about dropping the cash for it.

I'm not old enough to notice whether or not it works for wrinkles, but I'll probably be having grandchildren by the time this bottle runs out... so I'll let you know! :D

I'm NEVER going back to liquid foundation!

I've been using my samples for about 2 weeks now, and I finally got my full size order of the mineral foundation (Purr-fect Puss in Frisky Manx) and I am SO HAPPY to get to using it! The jar feels heavy and there's definitely a lot of product in there. The product itself lasts a long time... did I mention I've been using the tiny $1 sample bag for over 2 weeks?

I was worried about switching to mineral foundation because I've been using a liquid foundation for so long. I always had really bad acne and wanted as full coverage as I could get. But since I switched, my skin seems clearer and softer. The liquid was definitely clogging my pores! With the help of lots of water and a few other products, my skin is clearer than ever. And I'm not missing out on coverage, either- this stuff is so pigmented I hardly need concealer!

I love that they sell the sample baggies so I could find just the right color. The product sits very well on my face and hardly needs any touch-ups. It goes on a little cakey at first, but within 30 minutes or so it absorbs some oil and looks flawless. Even with my oily nose, I hardly need to reapply!

The only thing I don't like is that the company tends not to send shipping confirmations. They ship promptly, I just worry when I don't hear anything.

Meow Cosmetics has a new customer for life!!!

This is gorgeous on my skin! It gives just the right amount of shimmer without being glittery. It was kind of expensive at first, but I use just the tiniest bit of it, so it'll last me forever.

I've been using this liner since high school, and the only product I could ever find that could compare is four times the price. I would definitely recommend it!!!


Tequila is the most beautiful color I've ever put on my eyes! The colors are subtle, sexy and gorgeous. Some are super pigmented, some are more sheer.

The only downside is that it can crease in all this heat.


I usually don't like anything on my lips, but this is a crazy addiction for me!!! I always have to have one of these in my pocket or purse. I love the minty burn! And all of my close friends and boyfriends notice when I get minty. :)

I LOVE Coffee Shop!!! I've been wearing it as my daily eye shadow just about every day at classes and work for a couple years, it doesn't face or crease when you put it over a primer. The colors are very pigmented for a drugstore brand, and the browns are gorgeous but neutral enough to look nude.

I was really happy with my $5 drugstore liner, but once I tried this, I can't go back! I usually don't like marker tip liquid liners because they push on my eyeball when I apply, but this tip is soft and flexible. The first day I got it, I drew a line on the back of my hand and spent the day trying to wipe if off- it stayed!!! Definitely worth the price if you wear liquid liner often.