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Amanda W.
Worst online company I have had to deal with EVER!

Placed a large order on this website. They sent me the order after 3 weeks of waiting. One of the items I ordered was defective and not as described. I let them know sent them 4 emails and heard back from them about 2 weeks later. Their response was that they couldn't care less. They told me that they couldn't accept the item back. Thankfully I paid with PayPal. Filed a dispute and PayPal helped me get my money back and get the defective item back to them. I got an email from them telling me they are going to send me to collections now which is ridiculous and that they are going to cancel any future or present orders from me, my IP address or my mailing address as they don't want to sell anymore products to me because of this. Well they don't have to worry I won't ever be purchasing any products from them ever again or let alone recommend them. I don't usually tend to leave reviews, but I just had to write this because I wish I would have know how little this company cares about their customers and how bad their customer support is. Please beware and stay away! Trust me their are far better companies out there with better makeup/beauty products that actually care for their customers.

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Catey P.
I'm NEVER going back to liquid foundation!

I've been using my samples for about 2 weeks now, and I finally got my full size order of the mineral foundation (Purr-fect Puss in Frisky Manx) and I am SO HAPPY to get to using it! The jar feels heavy and there's definitely a lot of product in there. The product itself lasts a long time... did I mention I've been using the tiny $1 sample bag for over 2 weeks?

I was worried about switching to mineral foundation because I've been using a liquid foundation for so long. I always had really bad acne and wanted as full coverage as I could get. But since I switched, my skin seems clearer and softer. The liquid was definitely clogging my pores! With the help of lots of water and a few other products, my skin is clearer than ever. And I'm not missing out on coverage, either- this stuff is so pigmented I hardly need concealer!

I love that they sell the sample baggies so I could find just the right color. The product sits very well on my face and hardly needs any touch-ups. It goes on a little cakey at first, but within 30 minutes or so it absorbs some oil and looks flawless. Even with my oily nose, I hardly need to reapply!

The only thing I don't like is that the company tends not to send shipping confirmations. They ship promptly, I just worry when I don't hear anything.

Meow Cosmetics has a new customer for life!!!

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Snarky Princes s.
Foundation WIN! There's a match for everyone!!!

So, where to begin.... Meow hands down is my favorite foundation. I am a very pale, "fishbelly white" complexion (as I like to call it) because I'm Italian and a touch of Irish. I don't know how, but I ended up with near translucent skin that's almost impossible to find a foundation shade match. For years, I had been wearing the lightest shades of liquid foundation I could find... And still, they made me look yellow. Or pink. Or sick. It caked on, and never, ever matched no matter what I did or how much blending I attempted.

Last year, I started delving into mineral makeup thanks to some friends of mine... And I discovered Meow Cosmetics. I was astounded by the sheer number of foundation shades... And was then floored again when I realized they have over 40+ hues, and *three* different coverage levels! That's over 120+ foundations! AND, if you have difficulty still finding the perfect shade for your skin tone, you can mix and match shades. How many companies do you know that does that!? I know of just this one!! Plus- you can try before you buy... Sample baggies for $1 so you don't have to commit to purchasing a shade that's wrong for you!

Yup... Insta-Fan here!

I ordered blindly- because I know I'm the palest of the pale. Personally, I wear the medium coverage foundation- Purr-Fect Puss in Siamese Inquisitive -0. Basically, it's a very pale porcelain foundation with no undertones.

The price for the foundation may be a little off-putting, but if you consider that you're essentially purchasing over a 1/4c of product for around $24... It's a steal! I apply mine wet, with a stippling brush, and this not only reduces fallout all over my clothes... But uses less product, therefore making my foundation last longer. Applying it this way also gives an air-brushed makeup look without the expensive equipment! I've had my jar for well over 6 months- and I still see no noticeable difference as far as making a dent in my product. Win!

Since switching to mineral makeup/foundation, I've found that I have much better coverage and overall evened out skin tone... With the bonus being my face suffers far fewer blemishes and breakouts as I had with bigger commercial brand foundations.

I am forever and ever a customer! (And if you want to die for shadows, check those out too!)

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Luna V.

Growing up, I always used to joke about my skintone. My mother has deep olive skin, and my father has very a fair Eastern European complexion, and I sort of got this strange, dull, sickly-looking colour that leans green in comparison with others. I don't really lean warm or cool, and that alone makes it impossible to buy foundation that looks "right." Everything comes off as too pink, too orange, too yellow--even Bare Minerals looked cakey when applied over my strangely-toned skin.

Apparently, I am not the only woman in the world with this problem. Enter Meow Cosmetics--they stock more than 80 shades of foundation! They're an internet-only company, so you can't really test drive the shades in store before buying, but they offer very conveniently sized samples as well as an active forum with colour-match experts to help you find your shade. Each tone is broken down comprehensively into colour, undertone, and depth, which is on a scale of 0-6. For example, I wear my foundation in Frisky Korat--which is beige, leaning warm, on a depth of 2 (light). They also offer suggestions to sample buyers--if you buy this shade, you might also want to try this and this. Incredibly helpful to pin-point that exact match!

The formula itself is nice--I wear Pampered Puss, which is the "sensitive skin" option and medium coverage level. The ingredients are simple, no more than three or four in the entire product. It applies smoothly, though if you have a lot of hyperpigmentation you might either opt for a higher coverage level or use a concealer since I feel that even at a medium, it's rather sheer. With Bare Minerals, I always needed a setting powder to keep it from getting oily, despite the fact that I have dry skin--Meow's foundations really don't need to be set, though you can feel free to do so if you want. They look natural, stay put, and don't get shiny. Plus, the full-sized product is HUGE. I believe the website states that you are getting 1/4 CUP of product. Honestly, after seeing it, I feel like it's even more (I'm pretty good with my eyeball measures--I think I could squeeze a half cup of flour in that same jar comfortably)!

I am really glad I gave Meow's foundations a shot. Not only do I have a better understanding of my colour and tones, but my skin really loves this stuff.

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