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Beauty Product Reviews

love this product!

I should start off that this is one of my few purchases from Sonia Kashuk's line- I haven't really ever liked her products too too much, nor have I bought into the whole American BB cream trend- until a few weeks ago, on a whim, I picked this up; and I'm really glad I did. I love the smell with the hint of sunscreen it reminds me of summer! I love the consistency of this tinted moisturizer/bb cream it's very thick but feels very lightweight on your skin, and I'm not sure if I would categorize it as a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer, because it does have anti aging qualities/spf/good ingredients, but to me it seems just like lightweight/sheer foundation mixed with lotion and sunscreen. It also has light reflecting qualities, so it leaves you with a gorgeous, glowing, dewy, radiant finish! I love that about this bb cream the most, is how good it makes my skin look. I use it in the second lightest color, linen, and it's perfect for my skin tone, it doesn't leave a line on my jaw line when it oxidizes like other foundations can, but I would also suggest applying this to your neck/decolletage area as well as your face, it makes my skin look so fresh and toned!- I add a quick sweep of a highlighter&bronzer on my cheekbones, and look like I just came from the beach. I don't like how quickly this product wears off though. I use it with my primer (monistat's chafing relief powder gel) which will normally hold my makeup/foundations on all day long, and this doesn't... I'm finding myself reapplying throughout the day :( even though it's very easy to apply...but not the point! Also I should say that I have tried this out with applying with a sponge, makeup brush, or my fingers, and preferred my fingers the best- it's very lotion like and I feel a lot more comfortable applying it this way, and the finish is better because my sponge/makeup brush absorb too much of the product and that's just a waste! I do also have really red rosy cheeks without makeup on, so I do find myself going over little spots that need more coverage, so it is build-able, but also very natural and sheer. I don't like the look on my skin with using a powder over this, but that's because I like the dewy finish, and not a matte one- but I feel that this might not be a good fit if you have oily/combination skin (I have very dry to normal skin- no oil what-so-ever!) because of the finish of this product, I think it would probably just wear too quickly with this and might make someone with oily skin look too shiny/greasy- but that's just my opinion. This is also pretty affordable, I think it was around $15.99 but it's a pretty decent sized tube, so I didn't feel as bad purchasing it. I didn't like how I couldn't test this out prior to buying it, or see the color because the bottle is completely sealed- which is great hygiene wise! I would definitely buy this again, and use it every morning when I''m in a hurry/running errands, and this is a very quick fresh faced look- although personally, I don't wear this when I'm going out all day because I feel like I have to reapply it throughout the day. So I would definitely wish that she would make it more suitable for long- all day- wear, as well as fix it so it doesn't wear thru too quickly. I live in Florida, so on the really hot summer days, I wouldn't even waste my time wearing foundation most of the time, let alone this because I feel as if it would be gone as soon as I put it on- which is a complete shame because I really like the finish, color, smell, and overall look of this product on my skin. I hope this helps for anyone thinking about purchasing this, I do really like this product, but like every other product, there are some things I would change if I could :)

Great brush, esp for the $3 price tag!

WIth this brush being $3 I really didn't have high hopes for it being that great, but I had read such good reviews on it, I picked it up a few months ago- and another and another. I do love these brushes because they're so easy to put foundation on with, pack on powder, bronzer, blush, anything! And I love how dense they are, most cheap brushes are really flimsy and shed...these don't at all! I still use these, but not as much as I prefer my real techniques brushes over everything else, but this brush is better than my big kabuki brush from eco tools that was ruined with the first brush washing :( (and btw this brush didn't change at all when it was washed with a brush shampoo and air dryed...the bristles softness didn't change, or desinegrate). I really love using this brush to buff out bronzing lotion on my neck and decoliate area- works great! I would deff suggest these to anyone first starting out, or anyone who wants a cheap brush, with dense bristles that won't shed- and is bigger for different areas on the face!

favorite foundation

I have really dry skin, and had yet to find a foundation that will not make me look cakey and gross. I feel like a lot of lighter foundations are more thick and cakey and just a different over all texture and usually too pink... so I was hesitant about trying this product- but I'm so glad I did. This is my favorite foundation now. I bought it in the shade 110 porcelain/ivory, and it's deff more like a creamy natural and that's the lightest color out of I think 8 shades (which is the worst part about this foundation in my opinion) but anyways, it's a perfect match. I don't have any demarcation marks on my jaw line or anything from this. I apply a moisturizing serum primer first (Monistat's chafing relief powder gel) and let that dry, then I apply this with my fingers in dots on my face and blend it out with my real techniques expert face brush (8.99 at Ulta - this is seriously the best brush &brand I've ever tried, I like it better than high end, so you should deff try these brushes out too!) and this gives me such a poreless, flawless, dewy satin finish. I have really red skin underneath my makeup and I apply a thin layer of this and then will go over any other spots and may need extra coverage since this is a very light weight foundation, it's also very buildable and full coverage will not look cakey and for the most part you can barely even tell I have makeup on. This foundation really just works for my skin, I can't say enough good things about it. I do wish the jar was a little bigger, I feel like you don't get very much product for the $9 price tag, but none the less- I will continue to repurchase!! I set this with a Mac face powder, but I wish they had a matching powder to go along with this too, that'd be awesome! I would reccomend this foundation to anyone who has dry skin and needs a foundation with more moisture and a natural almost dewy finish!

really dissapointed with these lipsticks

there wasn't a lot of color pay off to these, and it really dissapointed me because I LOVEEE revlon! I wear lipstick pretty much everyday, and own so many revlon lipsticks, but to me these aren't lipsticks they are compareable to the lip butters/color whispers because the color is very sheer and it's supposed to stay on all day but I didn't think that was very true, the color was pretty dull and sheer and these were really drying. :( just overall didn't like these, but please don't let them scare you off from revlon products because the rest of revlon's line is ahhhmazing!

LOVE this brush!

I saw this online and really wanted it after reading so many good reviews and knowing the good quality of real techniques brushes. I can say that I thought this brush would be a little bigger than it was, but Its a pretty good size and it makes putting foundation on soooo easy, litterally takes seconds. I use this brush for foundation, powder, blush/bronzer- I really must buy more than just the one I have because it's so amazing, andddd it was 8.99 at ulta so it was a steal (in my opinion) too! Another thing is the quality of these brushes, there is NO shedding, they're so soft, and the brushes are soo dense and great for applying proudct quickly and efficently- as well as the flawless finish it will leave on your face, and when I say flawless, I mean it it leaves my skin freaking perfect! I'm so happy with it, I'm going to buy more of this one and the rest of the collection, I like these brushes over so many other brands- and in my opinion these are the same quality as high end brushes from sephora. This is a must have in your makeup bag!

I recently purchased this at Costco for the big bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, and a small size of the color glossing serum, for 29.99! Which if you buy this, or have even seen it at Ulta before it's 30.00 a bottle :(- so I figured I'd share that with everyone! Okay, anyways- I have bleached, dry, shoulder length, thin hair... and I rotate between the purple shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner, and this product, with a deep conditioning treatment in between both and I have to say I'm soo happy with how my hair feels after simply taking a shower. It feels that there is a lot of moisture in this product and its suprising because of the consistancy of the conditioner- but it's completely the oposite! It says that this helps hold your color, but I can't say anything about that because my hair is blonde, but I can deff say that it has helped repair my hair, which was really damaged a few weeks ago! Also the sample size of the color enhancing gloss drops is amazing too! You need such a small amount it will last you a while!

love this foundation!

I have really dry skin normally, my shade is sun beige; and I want full coverage from a foundation. I don't get sheer coverage like other people who have reviewed this, but I also use a mineral serum primer before and apply this with my finger into little dots on my face and then blend in with a stippling/powder brush, so that could be an issue of how you were to apply this foundation depedant on the coverage possibly. I do have to go over some spots that I feel I want more full coverage in, but for me it's the same way for a lot of other foundations; so to me the coverage is very buildable- but not sheer. I also tested this out at Ulta against the NYX Pore filler primer before I bought it to see if it would minimize the size of pores as well, and it really does make them almost disappear. I should say that the one thing I LOVE about this foundation is that it doesn't cake up , and for me that's huge because I have drier than normal skin so it doesn't look cakey in certain spots and this foundation is very moisturizing & hydrating all day long for me! This really makes my skin completely flawless, and I set it with either NYX stay matte not flat powder foundation or Mac studio fix powder foundation, and also this foundation is very natural as far as color, it doesn't leave any demarcation marks (darker face to neck/unnatural lines from make up). This has a very matte finish, and I always finish my make up with Model in a Bottle which does help to make it not so powdery finish looking, but this foundation will last all day! (And I live in florida where everyday is 90 degrees and humid, so keeping your make up on is a big thing for me) Also the price point of this foundation is awesome, I think it was around $15 at Ulta. But all in all, this is a staple in my makeup bag, and an everyday necessity!

First of all, I have to admit that I'm obsessed with China Glaze! I have started my collection and am going to own every single one! But I have to say Pink Voltage is my favorite color, of all; it's such a cute perfect barbie pink with blue undertones & and the picture doesn't do it justice at all! I just painted my nails this color and I should mention that it is a semi matte finish, if it's light coats it dries in about 2 minutes, and needs a top coat! This color stays on for a really long time, I use a thick base coat with it as well as top coats and two coats of the color, and it doesn't chip for at least a week for me; it might also be the fact that I am using a salon UV protectant top coat so that could help too. I've found especially with other pinks and neon colors that they will chip off within a few days, or sometimes I've had colors just straight peel off the whole nail all in one, but this isn't like that! I purchased this from a beauty supply store and it was a little under $7, they also sell these at Ulta and I think they're a little over $7 there and the selection (at least for the stores by me) is smaller, and the beauty stores have a lot of sales on China glaze a lot for buy one get one free- and who doesn't love that! ESP when these are 7 dollars a bottle!! The only downside for me about this nailpolish is the brush, I have extremely small nail beds and nails in general, and the brush isn't necessarily big but it's just a regular square tip brush that is somewhat wide at the bottom and it doesn't hold the nailpolish well in my opinion, I feel like the brush will leave streaks in my nails or have too much nailpolish in the brush and it will get messy. I'm a bigger fan of the brushes in the salon hanson colors, Nina Pro lacquer, (both have the rounded tip brushes to fit in nailbed perfectly!) and orly (which I think is just a regular square tip brush but it's thinner and higher quality to not make your nailpolish streaky) however this is just my opinion and this is the ONLY thing I would change about the China Glaze polishes, but still doesn't differ me from buying all of them or not rating it 5 stars!