Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Expert Face Brush

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Lucy W.
So Good!!

This brush is perfect for liquid foundation and leaves skin flawless and not patchy! Amazing coverage and blends easy! Definitely recommend! All I say is to clean it often as it can collect build up of foundation in it and get very dirty and cause breakouts to skin!

Katie G.

Amazing brush, great quality. This brush is used for blending my contour colours and foundation into the skin. Does an absolute great job and I wouldn't think of looking at any other brand. So lovely to use on the face as it is really soft and isn't harsh when applying (I have really sensitive skin). If my brush ever became damaged I would definitely buy the same one again.

Audrey S.

If you haven't already bought a real techniques brush then get to your local Walmart and get one a is soon as possible, it's amazing high quality brush for a reasonable cheap Price

Tara B.
Mixed Thoughts

This brush is widely talked about so I felt like I needed to give it a shot. I think it is.. just okay. I tried to use this for foundation, and then I started using it for bronzer. I do not use it for either anymore. I basically have it for an extra brush. I do not recommend using it for every day makeup, but the price is good.

Arie C.
This brush is life.

For the longest time I have avoided foundation brushes. Normally all they do is make my skin look flaky and dry. I don't ever really like using powder brushes. But, I finally decided to give this brush a try... and hoooolymoly I'm so glad I did. It applied foundation, powder, bronze, blush, and my highlight beautifully. It so soft and gentle on my face; I had no problems with it roughing up any dry patches or flaky skin bits. It was literally one of those moments where something works so good for you that you kinda wanna cry. Love this product so much. I can not live without this brush.

Cheyenne B.
One of my favorite brushes:)

in love with all real techniques brushes 😍 i use this brush to blend out my foundation (along with the real techniques sponge) and it goes on so smooth and flawlessly 😃 definitely worth the purchase!

Eden P.

This product is so good! It's one of my favourite bushes at the moment for blending in my foundation and it is very dense and doesn't absorb all your product! It's probably one of my staple brushes

Rose R.
Perfect brush for blending foundation

Love love love. When I first got it I wasn't sure if I liked it but then after a few days I got the hang of it and learned how to use it for a flawless, well-blended finish. I use a combination of buffing, stippling, and swirling techniques to blend my foundation. It fits perfectly under the eye so I can blend undereye concealer with this brush as well. Quite a multitasker brush. I just can't say it enough - I love this brush. I want to keep buying it forever. It's an essential for makeup.

Jacqlyn W.
Not for me at all.

I have heard nearly every person rave about this particular brush. I tried it myself and I had a whole different experience with it.

I admit, I loved it at first. However, after a month, it started shedding. I take care of my brushes and I am careful not to over wash them but that was not enough. My brush literally fell apart in clumps. At one point every single hair fell out in one giant clump. I was upset of course because I had not seen a bad review. I had also bought the powder brush and the bristles look like they are poking out from where all of the other bristles are originally placed. I know this means the hairs are about to fall out because that is what happened to my first Expert Face brush. I barely use the powder brush so I do find it odd it started shedding so quick.

Fast forward a few months or so, I decided to try the Expert Face brush again thinking I had gotten a defective one. I thought wrong. Not even a few uses and the bristles are starting to poke up again like the powder brush. I do not wear makeup every day so I know I am not using this brush too much. I wash my face brushes once a week and sometimes every other week if I do not use them. The powder brush is another story. I barely use it. Once or twice a month I will use it for blush. It is strange that the bristles are still poking up because of this reason. I am not aggressive when washing my brushes and I use a gentle baby shampoo. I use the baby shampoo on my Sephora Professional brushes and I do not see any shedding nor any bristles poking up. I personally do not see the hype with these brushes. The bristles feel cheap and the handles feel cheap. My skin cannot tolerate these brushes as it feels like I'm being pricked. My skin is sensitive to most. synthetic bristles and while the bristles feel horrible due to my skin being so sensitive, the bristles still didn't feel soft even before when my skin wasn't as sensitive. I find this brush also tends to make my foundation sit weird on my skin no matter what I use. Before when I said I loved this, I was using this to sort of "stipple" the foundation on my skin. Buffing with this brush is a pain. It is streaky and seems to take away some of my foundation no matter how gentle I am. I noticed when using this brush that it soaks up a good amount of product as well. The only reason I am giving this a single star is because of the price.

In short:

Pros: Affordable Easy to find

Cons: Shedding Harsh on my skin Feels very cheap Soaks up a lot of product Does not help with blending

Alex P.
I like it. Very much.

I had only ever seen these esteemed Real Techniques brushes in YouTube videos and dreams. I yearned for the day I would b privileged enough to rub its lovely bristles all over my face. Many a days journey was the only Ulta near me, and I could not partake in the mystique and splendor of what could only be a Real Techniques brush. Until recently.

Theatrics aside, I do quite like this brush. When the Ulta, previously plagued with "Coming Soon!" signs billowing ominously in the breeze, finally opened near me, I was ecstatic as 1. it's Ulta and 2. I can buy inexpensive brushes somewhere other than Target. I mean, who wouldn't be? So I picked up a few of these famed bad boys. The bristles are soft and I haven't seen it shed once. The handle is comfortable and durable. I like to use this brush following using the Real Techniques stippling brush to smooth and blend out the surfaces on my face that are need more precision, like the sides of my nose, under my eyes, and on the chin. It's best for cream and liquid consistency foundations, although I can see it as a similar second step for powders as well.

And don't even get me started on the price. I would accept this brush as decent for $20, even up to probably $25-27, but it's actual price is somewhere around $9 depending on where you purchase it from. It's as if little angels went around to all the lands and put permanent sale prices on brushes made of ivory and pure chinchilla hair; it's absolutely fantastic.

This is an all around great brush, and at an even better price. I thoroughly enjoy it.